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Q: Does nuclear energy occurs in your home?
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What energy transformation occurs when you rub your hands?

heat energy to nuclear energy

What energy transformation occurs during radioactive decay?

nuclear energy to thermal and radiant energy

What occurs in the sun's and generates the sun's energy?

Nuclear Fusion

Primary source of the suns energy is?

The primary source of the suns energy is nuclear fusion of hydrogen. Nuclear fusion occurs in the core of the Earth.

Occurs when a large nucleus splits releasing energy and two smaller nuclei?

Nuclear fission.

What energy transformation occurs in nuclear fusion of hydrogen?

i don't know?WATER!

What kind of reaction occurs to produce energy inside a star?

Nuclear Fusion

When a nuclear fission reaction occurs an enormous amount of energy is released This energy comes from?

The release of excess binding energy.

The process responsible for the enormous energy in the sun is?

Nuclear fusion is the process responsible for the enormous energy in the sun. Nuclear fusion occurs when Hydrogen is converted to Helium.

What is it called when nuclear fusion occurs on the sun?

Nuclear fusion is the source of all the sun's energy, and all other stars. It is just called nuclear fusion.

What nuclear process usually occurs in geothermal energy?

There is no nuclear process involved, geothermal energy comes from hot material near the earth's surface. It is related to volcanic activity.

What businesses use nuclear energy?

Nuclear fission refers to the splitting of an atomic nucleus. It occurs naturally and can be induced in order to release energy. Nuclear fission provides the energy released by nuclear weapons as well as the energy used to produce energy at nuclear power plants.