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Supposedly she is dark-skinned (referred to as "coffee coloured") with frizzy black hair, which is why Max calls her "Lamby".

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Actually, she doesn't. She and Fang have more of a brother-sister love between them.

Fang and Max like each other.

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Q: Does nudge like fang from Maximum Ride?
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Who does nudge from Maximum Ride actually like?

nudge actually likes iggy i think because he sounds a little cute but maybe fang too fang is cute on the cover of school's out forever. i think nudge likes no one she is just regular and part of the flock she could like someone but the flock is counted as bros. and sis so i think nudge doesn't like any one

Who is playing Max and Fang in the Maximum Ride movie?

I heard Kristen Stewart was offered put declined fang doesn't have a actor yet but i hope he is very good with are thought of the characters :] P'S. why is nudge black it really would seem weired no offense she is more like a a brunette to me :[. ILY MAXIMUM RIDE!

Is fang from Maximum Ride real?

Of course not- he's a fictional character created by James Patterson. The same goes for Max, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel. (but if you go on youtube look up jeb and max to see wwhat fang should look like)

Who love Dylan in Maximum Ride more then fang?

personally, i like fang more then dylan.but, that just me.

Does fang like max in Maximum Ride?

Yes, but she's reluctant to admit it until book 5.

Does Maximum Ride love fang?

YES!!!! she doesn't not only like him...SHE LOVE HIM!

What are the Maximum Ride books about?

if you like books with non stop action about 6 kids with wings and extraordinary powers(Max,Fang,Iggy,Nudge,Gazzy,and Angel, along with their fly, talking dog,total) trying to stop the white coats (scientists) from deststroying half if not more of the human population. Then read maximum ride.

What should Fang be like in the Maximum Ride movie?

Exactly the same as in the books, I think.

Does Maya like fang in maximum ride?

Yes, in the "Maximum Ride" book series, Maya does have feelings for Fang. She is drawn to his mysterious and brooding personality.

What is the boy's name in the cover of the Maximum Ride book Schools Out Forever?

The boy's name on the cover of Maximum Ride: School's Out- Forever is Fang. He is one of the main characters in the series and has the ability to fly with wings like the other characters.

Who does fang like in maximum ride?

In the "Maximum Ride" series by James Patterson, Fang develops feelings for Max, the leader of their group of genetically enhanced kids known as the Flock. Their relationship is complicated as they struggle with their unique abilities and the challenges they face while trying to stay ahead of their pursuers.

Where do you find fang's blog online?

Assuming you are talking about Fang from Maximum Ride, you can go to and click on the Maximum Ride icon. Then, click on the Meet The Flock icon. Next, click on the picture of Fang. (the pic doesn't even look like him) Then scroll down and read his blog!