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Q: Does office depot laminate small items?
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What type of business supplies does Office Depot sell to consumers?

Any supplies a business could need you will find at Office Depot. They have all the small items you would need for your desk. And then you will also find computers, copiers, printers, and all the supplies and replacements to take care of these items. And if you need it they also carry office furniture.

Does Office Depot sell small office phone systems?

Yes, Office Depot does sell small office phone systems. Whether or not they have your desired size, I cannot say for sure, but they do offer various sizes and setups of phone systems.

What brands of computer do Office Depot sell?

Office Depot carries many brands of printers but mostly HP printers.

Does Office Depot sell small printers?

"Yes, Office Depot does sell lots of small printers. They also sell the accompanying ink cartridges, or if you got a laser printer, it also has and sells supplies for those models."

Where can I find a small computer desk for my home office?

You can find a small computer desk for your home office at a variety of lpaces. You can try office depot, office max, staples, walmart, costco, or just online.

Does Office Depot carry office furniture tables?

Office Depot carries all styles of office furniture, including furniture tables. You can find small tables for a break room as well as long, much larger tables for executive conference rooms.

Where can I purchase small business server?

You can purchase servers at any of the office stores. Some of those office stores that you can purchase the servers at are Office Max, Office Depot and Kinkos.

Does office depot laminate posters?

yes They do in their ImPress Print and Copy section, but recommend that you call in advance and verify the max size that they can laminate. Not all have the same equipment, have size limits, and also different employees with different skills. You may have to leave the poster because the associates are in the middle of doing some major printing projects, or you may want to leave the poster because the best person to do the best job doesn't work until the next day or so.

How much is the project management software at office depot?

According to Office Depot's website, the best match for "project management software" is a program called Small Business Complete. This is currently being sold for $81.59.

Where can I find small mailing boxes at a discount ? has a large selection. Office depot also has some.

What does the BSD stand for in regards to the Office Depot?

Office Depot BSD refers to products and services that are offered towards small, medium and large businesses. Some examples of these services include faxing, copying, printing and more.

What is the best place to get pens for office supplies for small business?

Office Depot or Staples or even Walmart or Target. You can go to any department store and find office supplies.