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Q: Does orange fruit affect fertility
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Can gastric bypass surgery in men affect fertility?

No it will not affect fertility

What is the spanish word for the orange fruit?

The Spanish word for the orange fruit is "naranja."

Does soil formation affect the fertility of soil?

No, soil formation doesn't affect the fertility of soil but soil looses its fertility by being exhausted.

What orange fruit starts with P?

Pumpkins are an orange fruit. Papayas and peaches are orange.

What fruit is orange?

an orange

Is chlamydia life-threatening and can it affect future fertility?

Chlamydia is not life-threatening. It can affect future fertility.

Why orange color orange?

Because the fruit is orange so it picks up from the color of the fruit

Fruit that begins with o?

Olive is a fruit from the olive tree. Technically, olives are a fruit.

What is the difference between the color orange and the fruit?

The color orange was born in Jerusalem in the year 1253. The color orange is not citric and trees do not decide colors. Orange the fruit is a fruit.

What is a seven-letter word for an orange fruit?

Any citrus fruit can be considered to be an orange fruit. Other fruits considered in the orange fruit category are papaya, carrots, pumpkin, squash and sweet potatoes.

What is Orange a Color or a Fruit?


How do you spell the fruit orange?