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Q: Does ovulation bleeding occur before or after the egg is released?
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Why ovulation do not occur before menarche?

Ovulation does occur before menarche. Menarche is the term used to describe a girls first period, menstruation will only occur if the woman ovulates. With that said some people will experience vaginal bleeding as a result of hormonal imbalance which will look like menstruation but without ovulation occurring beforehand, and sometimes we call that menarche - because we've no way of knowing if ovulation had occurred.

When would implantation bleeding take place?

Implantation bleeding can occur, on average, between six and twelve days after ovulation.

If you got pregnant on May 21 then when would you have implantion bleeding?

Implantation bleeding, if any, would occur anywhere from 6-12 days after ovulation. Implantation bleeding does not always occur, even if implantation does occur, so if you think you are pregnant, and it's been longer than 14 days since ovulation, (or 21 days since unprotected sex) you can safely take a home pregnancy test and get accurate results.

Is menstruation still occur without having egg released from ovary?

Yes. Menstruation will still occur with out ovulation

Why does ovulation not occur in nine months?

The hormones produced by the pregnancy prevent an egg being released.

Can you get pregnant one day before you ouvlate?

No, pregnancy does not occur until ovulation-- ovulation is the process of the egg being released. Once the egg has been released it can be fertilized with sperm. If you have sex one day before you ovulate, it is possible to get pregnant. (Perhaps this is what you actually meant by your question?) Sperm can live inside a woman for several days-- So if you have sex the day before your egg is released, chances are, there are still living sperm inside you. It is also possible to get pregnant having sex the day after ovulation.

What is the release of the egg from ovary called?

When an egg is discharged from the ovaries it is known as ovulation.Ovulation occurs roughly two weeks before menstruation, but this can vary. Ovulation will typically only occur once per cycle, but multiple eggs can be released.

Can pregnancy occur from intercourse before ovulation day?

This is nature, anything is possible but you do need an egg.

Did ovulation occur if blood is dark and clotted but the flow is light?

Ovulation is the time of month when your egg is most likely to become fertilized. If you're bleeding, you're either menstruating (you're not pregnant) or miscarrying (you were pregnant). Other than that, ovulation doesn't have much to do with how heavy or light your flow is.

Do you ovulate before your period or after?

Ovulation can occur at anytime, but is most common just before the menstrual period.

Can an implantation bleed occur a week after you have your period?

Implantation bleeding is the result of the fertilized egg(s) implanting itself into the uttering lining which results in bleeding and occasionally abdominal cramping. This form of bleeding takes place six to twelve days after ovulation. ( A females ovulation generally takes place 14 days before her period). There will not be a large amount of blood, some women may not even notice any. Implantation bleeding only lasts a couple of days, this is the way to compare and contrast the difference between implantation and menstrual bleeding. You must keep in mind though that not everyone will experience implantation bleeding.

How the menstruation procedure occur after Tubectomy?

tubectomy does not affect ovary and after tubectomy ovulation will occur so enometrium will prepare for conception but ova cant enter into tube and cant take place fertlization.if fertlization dint occur menstruel bleeding will be there