Does pencil float on water

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Does pencil float on water
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Why would a pencil float in salt water?

A pencil will float in salt or fresh water equally well, because is it lighter than the amount of water it displaces.

Why does pencil shavings float on water?

Idk why doooo theyyy

Is a pencil dencer then water?

no, a pencil will float therefore it is less dense than water(ticonderoga #2 pencil was used)no pencils were harmed in the execution of this experiment

If you have a half dollar and pencil and some water which of these have the greatest density?

The half dollar has the greatest density because it will sink, the water has more density than the pencil because the pencil will float.

Density of a pencil?

3.95 NO Since an ordinary wooden pencil will float in water, clearly its density is less than 1.

How do you make a pencil lead float on water?

Im not sure but i think u shoukld hollow the middle

Why is glass of water heavier than pencil?

first of all it depends on the type of pencil. Heavier pencils may sink bu tmost pencils will float.

Does a pencil sink or float in water?

Our class has done this and it turns out that some of the things that happens include: 1:The water turns the color of the paint on the pencil. 2.The water starts to get soaked up by the wood. 3.Some of the water evaporates from the container. (We used a beaker for our container.) 4.The pencil still writes, but its very very dull. 5.Some pieces of the lead fuzz up and float to the bottom of the container. We have yet to finish this experiment. Updates coming soon! ^_^!

Would a pencil sink or float?

it will float so the answer is yes

What floats and does not float?

A pencil floats, a human no float, a feather floats, paper floats, ice floats, keys do not float, rocks do not float, coins do not, flip flops float. Second answer: I think you meant to ask, 'What floats and then some time later starts to sink. If that is what you meant, the answer is: There are absorbent substances which float when dry, then after absorbing water while they are floating, they increase in density and then sink.

Why does pencil float?

The main body of the pencil is made from soft wood which is naturally boyant, the pencil 'lead' is not lead at all but a much lighter substance called graphite. Your pencil is just not heavy enough to sink.

What sediments float in water?

What sediment float in the water