Does plastic absorb light

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Does plastic absorb light
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What is phosphorus atoms embedded in plastic absorb light energy and slowly release the light in a glow and the dark process called?


How does light absorb things?

Light does not absorb things. Light can be absorbed by things.

Does plastic absorb chemicals?


Does aluminium absorbe sound?

This much depends on the properties of the plastic. Foam will reflect little and absorb much. Hard plastic will reflect much and absorb little. Soft plastic will absorb more than hard plastic and reflect more than foam. Regards.

Can plastic sheet absorb spills?

No, it will repel them.

What materials cannot absorb heat?


Is there a chemical that can absorb light and then in the absence of light discharge that light?

There is no chemical that will absorb light and ONLY discharge it in the absense of light, however there are chemicals that will absorb light, store it as heat, and discharge it as light slowly, so that if light is removed it will continue to glow.

What is an example of the different materials that causes light to absorb reflect or transmit?

Glass, clear plastics, perspex, most gases

How does a plant absorb light and water?

Plant absorb light by using it leaf and absorb water by using it roots. I hope you can accept this answer

Do trees absorb light?

Yes, they do absorb light. They transfer the light-energy to chemical energy by a proces called fotosynthesis.

What does absorb spectrum absorb light for?

it means holds most

Does white plastic absorb or transmit solar radiation?

White anything will REFLECT radiation, it will not transmit or absorb.