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Does plastic wrapped around the stomach burn fat?

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no Instead of using plastic wrap...there are actually some rubber belts that can be purchased at any dept. store that can be placed around your stomach, and used during sit-ups, crunches, or even walking. If you wear this belt during these activities, it will cause your stomach, and "Love Handles" to sweat more than usual, thus helping with the loss of the fat.

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Can stomach acids burn your skin?

Yes. The reason why it's in our stomach is because our stomach constantly builds up mucous to protect the walls around it.

What happens when you try to burn a paper strip wrapped tightly around an iron rod while rotating the iron rod continuously?

Shortly after, paper will burn.

What is the pH of stomach acid?

The pH of stomach acid is about 2 and strong enough to burn a hole in a rug.

How does swallowing hot coals kill you?

The hot coal will burn around the esophagus and burn right through the mucus lining in the stomach, burn and damage the epithelial tissue in your stomach, and if it passes through the stomach, burn your other vital organs, which could be the lungs. The burning of the esophagus could kill you because it could cause constriction in your throat, not allowing you to breathe.

How come the acids don't burn holes in your stomach?

It doesn't burn holes in your stomach because we all have a lining in our very own stomach.

Why does acid burn the esophagus and produce pain but does not burn the stomach?

The stomach has a protective later of mucus. The esophagus does not.

Does stomach acid burn you?

Stomach acid is a strong acid, hydrochloric acid, and it can burn you even in the dilute form found in your stomach. The stomach is protected from this acid by mucus lining.

Can you burn you stomach?


How do you use the word burn in a sentence?

Do not burn the papers. Why did you burn the papers? We should not burn plastic.

Why is heart burn inaccurate?

Heart burn makes the esophagus or stomach hurt -- not the heart. It is caused by excess stomach acid or burping up stomach acid.

Can spicy food burn a hole in your stomach?

No. There is evidence that spicy food cannot burn a hole in your stomach. It's proven.

Why do paper burn faster than plastic?

Paper burn faster than plastic due to its thick texture.

What will burn first wood or plastic?

Wood. Plastic will melt.

Can stomach acid burn anything in your stomach?

Yes, excess stomach acid can cause ulcers.

Why doesn't stomach acid burn a hole in your stomach?

because of the mucus that surrounds ur stomach.

Why does chilly burn the stomach?

its hot

How we recycle plastic without pollution at low cost?

Do not burn plastic

Why does your stomach burn?

Your stomach burns because the acid in your stomach is trying to digest the food that has been eaten.

Can you live without a stomach lining?

no, the acids in the stomach would burn your organs.

What organ is so acidic that vomit can burn a hole in a carpet?

The StomachStomach

Can your stomach acids burn things?

yes it can

Will sulfuric acid burn through a plastic pipette?

No, Sulfuric acid cannot burn through a plastic pipette unless it falls on your skin.

What happens if you replace a bulb in a circuit for a piece of plastic?

The plastic might burn.

How does burning plastic effect the air?

it effects the air because when you burn plastic there is pollution and some animals wont be able to survive even humans. and when you burn plastic some animals will die and some humans will die to. thats how burning plastic effects the air. so never burn plastic becuase we will have less people less plants lees food ane less animals. never burn plastic because it effects the air.

Can you go swimming with a burn on your stomach?

Yes because the water would help the burn