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Generally covalent compounds.

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Q: Does polonium form ionic or covalent bonds?
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Does sulfur has ionic bonds or covalent bonds?

Sulfur will form covalent bonds with itself and other nonmetals, but will form ionic bonds with most metals.

What is the difference between and ionic and covalent bond?

Compounds with covalent bonds form molecules. Compounds with ionic bonds form ionic lattices.

Do metals form covalent bonds?

no. they form ionic bonds.

Does pyrite form covalent or ionic bonds?


Does plutonium usually form ionic covalent or polar covalent bonds?

As a metal plutonium has metallic bonds. Salts of Pu have ionic bonds.

Is carbon likely to make covalent bonds or ionic bonds?

Carbon typically forms covalent bonds. It is rare for it to form ionic bonds.

Does carbon usually form ionic bonds?

carbon does not form ionic bond ,they form covalent bonds

Does butane form ionic or covalent bonds?

Butane C4H10 contains covalent bonds

Which element always form ionic compound and covalent bond?

Metals form generally forms ionic bonds as in salts.Carbon form covalent bonds, for ex.

What type of bond would a carbon atom form covalent or ionic?

If it bonds with a metal then its ionic. if it bonds with a nonmetal then is covalent.

Does potassium form covalent bonds?

No, it forms only ionic bonds. Covalent bonds are only formed between non-metals, although a few metals, such as Aluminum, can also form covalent bonds with non-metals.

Are ionic covalent and hydrogen bonds all types of molecular bonds?

Covalent bonds form molecules where ionic bonds form ionic lattices. Hydrogen bonds are a form of intermolecular bonds which are formed with the participation of polar hydrogen atoms which are attached to either nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine.