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Yes. Just answer the question honestly, there's probably a separate form to fill out and then the Insurance Company will make a decision.

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Does smoking pot affect getting pregnant?


Can smoking pot affect the results of tumor markers?

No but it effects how you dance in public places.

Why do you pass out from smoking pot?

ummm you dont pass out from smoking pot...

Does smoking pot affect your period?

if your on your period and your high u wont get any cramps but that's it

When was wheat introduce to the US?

as soon as we started smoking pot as soon as we started smoking pot

Can smoking pot and cigarettes during a miscarriage be bad for you?

Yes smoking pot and cigararettes is bad for you.

What is considered heavy pot smoking?

smoking veryday and smoking by your self

Can Smoking marijuana negativley affect heat stroke symptoms?

i experienced profound heat stroke symptoms that were exacerbated by smoking pot. I was delirious, shaking uncontrollably and with the worst headache I have ever had in my life. Do not sit outside smoking pot and drinking in the hot sun. You will pay for it dearly.

Can smoking pot cause one eye to droop?

probably, smoking pot screws up everything about you

Why is smoking pot called getting stoned?

because i was smoking pot once and got hit with a stone.

Can you get fat by smoking pot?


Can taking valproate semisodium and smoking pot be life threatening?

yes, smoking pot with anything is life threatening.

How do you obtain tetrahydrocannibol without smoking pot?

Eat pot.

Does smoking pot kill brain cells?

No. Smoking pot will not kill your brain cells or any other mental deficiency.

Can smoking pot around cats affect their health?

I think it would affect them as if you where in a room with other pot smokers. i dont think it would hurt them but it would mess with their lungs a little. Also it might get them high, and more chill. lol

Does smoking pot make sperm infertile?

no. however smoking the seed does.

Do you get a deeper voice from smoking?

smoking what? pot nope. cigs maybe?

Drug test tomorow and today you were in the same car as people where smoking pot will it affect your test?

Yes, Take a detox pill

Is smoking pot illegal?

yes !

How can you quit smoking pot?

Why quit?

My brother is smoking pot?


Is smoking pot daily dangerous?


Is puking when smoking pot bad?

Probably not. But smoking "pot" is. Not only is it illegal (in the US), it is potentially lethal, although there has NEVER been a recorded "pot" overdose or anything of the sort.

Does hthe guy have to stop smoking pot to get her girlfriend pregnant?

It helps to stop because smoking pot lowers a man's sperm count.

How many people have died from smoking pot?

There is no way you can die from smoking weed!