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Does pot stain your teeth?

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Yes marijuana can cause yellow stains on the teeth. To get rid of this you can try using Marvis Classic Strong Mint toothpaste.

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Does caffeine stain your teeth?

Coffee and tea stain your teeth but it is not the caffeine.

Does grape juice stain teeth?

Red grape juice does stain teeth.

How can you stain teeth?

Cigarettes, coffee, and tea are the main ways people stain their teeth. Certain antibiotics can stain them as well.

Does amoxicillin stain your teeth?

Amoxicillin does not stain your teeth. Tetracycline group of antibiotics do stain your teeth. So they are contraindicated in pregnancy and for children below eight years of age.

Does marijuana stain teeth?

Yes. marijuana has a fantastic amount of tar in it and like cigarettes will stain teeth.

If your gums bleed can that stain your teeth?

Absolutely not!!!! Blood cannot stain your teeth!!! I'm a dental hygienist!

How do you get rid of the black stain on your teeth?

Brush your teeth

Does milk stain teeth?

No it does not.

What can coffee do your teeth?

Stain them.

Does coffee stain teeth?


Does green tea stain your teeth?


Does bakingsoda stain your teeth?


How does beverages stain teeth?


What foods will stain my braces?

Pot Noddle xXx

Why does water not stain teeth?

Because it has flouride in it. That makes teeth stronger.

Will soda pop hurt or stain your teeth?

yes but not hurt your teeth

Why Does soda pop stain teeth?

it eats the enamel off of your teeth

Will smoking after teeth whitening stain teeth?

Of course, whitening them will help some but it is still pointless. ANSWER Yes it does and it is more prone to stain because your teeth are fresh from whitening treatment. Another cause or may trigger stain in your teeth is drinking alcohol/coffee or bad eating habits.

Why does tea stain your teeth more than coffee?

because it contains more stain

Does 100 percent cranberry juice stain teeth?

No, 100 percent cranberry juice can not stain a persons teeth. Actually, cranberry juice is great for your teeth and helps reduce plaque.

Does dark soda stain teeth?

Yes, just like coffee and tea, cola and other "dark sodas" can stain your teeth. Carmel coloring and sugar rots teeth too.

Does water stain white teeth?

no, but your stupidity might. Actually, that was not an appropriate answe up there so no because water has no ingredients that can stain your teeth. actually some water can stain teeth my mom and both of my aunts grew up drinking well water and it stained their teeth a brownish yellow.

What drinks stain your teeth?

A cup of tea

Does caffeine stain teeth?

Blah Bah.

Does green tea stain human teeth?


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