Does pronounced go with mis

Updated: 12/18/2022
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yes the word is mispronounced

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Q: Does pronounced go with mis
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How do you pronounce the Greek word SALAMIS?

The 'a' is pronounced the same as the 'a' in car. The 'i' is pronounced the same as the 'i' in miss. sa - la - mis

What is the prefix for not pronounced correctly?

The prefix for "not pronounced correctly" is "mis-".

How many syllables in the word mistletoe?

3 - it is pronounced mis-sel-toe

How do you pronounce Mary jemisons Indian name?

Mary Jemison's Indian name, Deh-he-wรค-mis, is pronounced as "deh-heh-wah-mis".

How do you say todas mis in spanish?

It is pronounced 'TAWdass meess', and means 'all my....' relating to a feminine plural noun e.g. 'Todas mis hermanas' = 'All my sisters'

How do you pronounce Domiciliary?

dommissilliyari, with the epmhasis on the ssill

What does mis amigos mean?

This means 'my friends.' Mi (pronounced mee) is 'my' in Spanish. When you are talking about multiple objects/people (friends instead of friend) you must say 'Mis' instead of 'mi.'

What prefix can go with the word apprehend?

"Mis" as in "misapprehend".

What is the past tense misread?

The past tense of "misread" is "misread." It's an irregular verb, so the past tense form remains the same as the base form.

What was The duke of Normandy's survey book?

The Domesday Book of 1086 which is often misspelt and mis-pronounced as the doomsday book.

What is the pronunciation for Mississippi?

The word Mississippi is pronounced /mis-uh-sip-ee/ (/ˌmɪsəˈsɪpi/ in IPA).

How do you ponounce the word mischievous?

It is pronounced as "MIS-chuh-vuhs", with the emphasis on the first syllable.