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Yes, short-term protein deprivation increases testosterone production in the body. Especially when the muscles are already damaged from a previously weight-training session or other intense exercise.

use the URL below for step by step instructions

or read the book ""Optimum Anabolics" if you are interested in using protein deprivation for building muscle

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Does whey protein stop sperm growth?

No! If anything, it can increase your sperm count as it is basically adding more protein into your body. Testosterone is a protein and as a result the volume of it can increase.

Does protein have high levels of testosterone?

No, but testosterone is a protein.

How can you increase your testosterone?

to increase your testosterone you can take male enhancers

What plasma protein transports testosterone?

testosterone-binding globulin

Does testosterone stimulate protein synthesis?

s. testosterone affects the ptn synthesis

Best product to buy to increase testosterone?

Taking 40 mg of the mineral zinc daily will increase testosterone.

Does honey increase testosterone?

Yes it has a compound that slows the transformation of testosterone into estrogen.

Will eating foods that help increase testosterone help boys start puberty?

There are no foods which help you to increase testosterone. Testosterone is produced naturally in the testes when you reach puberty regardless of what you eat.

Is testosterone a protein?

its a hormone found commonly in males

Can semen ejaculated in vagina increase womens testosterone levels?

No it can not. It's like saying kissing a guy could increase your testosterone levels. The only way to do so is by taking pills with concentrated testosterone.

Does being inactive and overweight lower testosterone in men?

Not sure about lowering testosterone but it DOES increase estrogen.

Does testosterone increase puberty?

Testosterone increases naturally in boys at about age 11 & that is what starts puberty.

How does saw palmetto increase testosterone?

can saw palmetto affects how testim testosterone gel works

Does lysine increase testosterone in men?


What causes testosterone increase?

The sexual intercourse.

Is it true that if you pour cold water on your testicles your sperm count and testosterone will increase?

Yes cold water on the testicles help the sperm and testosterone to increase.

What is better steroids or protein shakes?

Protein Shakes because steroids have to many health risks. All that steroids do is increase your testosterone, which there is healthy ways of doing it. With protein shakes you can also add other indigents such as bananas, milk,eggs and cereal. Plus protein shakes are a lot cheaper.

What is an example of a hormone that isn't a protein?

testosterone, estrogen are lipid hormones so they are not protein hormones.

Does usn muscle fuel anabolic protein have steroids in?

No steroids are present. USN muscle fuel anabolic contains protein, carbs, creatine, glycine, taurine, tribulus terrestris (a type of natural testosterone booster), Avena Sativa(same as tribulus). The natural testosterone boosters may slightly increase testosterone production but the effect will probably not be noticed since it is so minute. It contains no anabolic steroids.

How to grow facial hair?

if you want facial hair its simple, increase your male hormone (testosterone), testosterone is the hormone responsible for these things if you want to know how to increase it visit this site(

How can people increase their testosterone levels?

There are three main ways to increase one's testosterone levels. The first is a change in lifestyle; the second is a change in diet; and the third is a change in supplementation, taking supplements that are dedicated to boosting testosterone.

How can you increase testosterone?

Become aroused, it increases the levels of testosterone in the blood, and the easiest way to do this is to have sex, or masturbate.

How do you MEN increase sex drive?

Well testosterone increases libido in men.Just raise the mens testosterone.

Testosterone to increase preformance in sports?

It is illegal to use testosterone in any sports , as it falls under doping.

What are estrogens and testosterone classified as a protein carbohydrate lipid nucleic acid or starch?

hormones (peptides = protein)