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Does pure hydrogen burn?

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Yes, Hydrogen burns in the presence of Oxygen to form the compound H2O, better known as water.

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Does pure hydrogen burn in the absence of air?

No hydrogen will not burn in the absence of air unless another oxidizer is present.

Does hydrogen burn?

Yes Hydrogen does burn

What Stars burn hydrogen?

All stars 'burn' hydrogen

Is hydrogen a pure substance?

Hydrogen is a pure substance because it is an element

Is hydrogen peroxide a pure or a mixture?

Hydrogen peroxide is a pure compound.

What happens if you separate of hydrogen and helium?

The result of this separation will be pure hydrogen and pure helium.

Is hydrogen peroxide a pure substance or a mixture?

Household hydrogen peroxide is a homogeneous mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.

How is helium and hydrogen used on a large scale?

helium does not burn, hydrogen will burn in air

Can hydrogen gas kill you?

Hydrogen gas is non-toxic but it is highly flammable (or explosive) so it could easily cause you to burn to death; in addition, if you were to breathe pure hydrogen you would die in a few minutes from lack of oxygen.

Can hydrogen fluoride be dissolved in pure water?

Yes hydrogen fluoride can be dissolved in pure water.

Will hydrogen burn without oxygen?

yes, hydrogen will burn with oxygen if it is NT exposed to air.

Is hydrogen an example of a mixture?

No. Hydrogen is a pure substance.

Will a pure hydrogen gas give a pop ping sound when a burning splinter is put in it?

yes it will.pure hydrogen will put off a burning splinter with a pop sound.this is because hydrogen is a non supporter of combustion.instead hydrogen itself will burn with blue flames.this is because hydrogen is a highly combustible gas

What is hydrogen made up of?

Pure hydrogen is composed of nothing but hydrogen atoms.

What does it take to make hydrogen burn?

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable; you can make it burn with the slightest spark.

Will oxygen and iron burn?

Iron will burn in pure oxygen.

Does pure oxygen burn?

No, oxygen itself does not burn. It is needed for other things to burn.

Is hydrogen heterogeneous?

No. Hydrogen is a pure substance and therefore is homogeneous.

Is hydrogen gas a solution?

No, hydrogen gas is a pure substance.

Can the hydrogen and oxygen created by the electrolysis of water be easily recombined to create pure water?

Yes, the pair of gases can easily be combined to create pure water. Passing the two gasses across a hot surface will cause the hydrogen and oxygen to "burn" or recombine, and (pure) water will form. The water will appear as a hot gas, but cooling it will cause it to condense.

Can you get hydrogen back if you burn it?

Yes. When you burn hydrogen the product is water. If you pass an electric current through that water you can split it back into hydrogen and oxygen.

How do you burn sea water?

You don't. Sea water is the combustion byproduct of hydrogen. That is, water is water you get when you burn hydrogen.

Why does hydrogen burn?

Hydrogen burns because of its natural properites.

How much water will a car that burns hydrogen exhaust?

if it runs on pure hydrogen then the only exhaust will be pure water vapor.

What is the pH for hydrogen peroxide?

Pure hydrogen peroxide has a pH of 6.2

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