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My tip would be to reuse corrugated boxes first, then recycle them. I know a bunch of people give their boxes away on BoxGiver

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Asian corrugated boxes, which have been recycled many times due to chronic virgin fiber shortages in those countries, tend to be weaker and less resistant to water than U.S. corrugated boxes.

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Q: Does recycling corrugated boxes affect quality?
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How does recycling affect corrugated boxes?

One of the key trends in corrugated boxes is recycling; this affects both the material used to make the boxes and how they are disposed of after use. Corrugated boxes are easily recycled and are biodegradable.

Corrugated Boxes?

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Why are corrugated boxes considered to be environmentally correct?

I know a lot of people give away their corrugated boxes on BoxGiver

Where can I buy some corrugated boxes in bulk?

There are several places one can buy corrugated boxes in bulk. You can try the Uline website, the cardboardboxes4you website, or even your local office supply stores.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes?

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Is cardboard recycling still available?

Yes. Two types of cardboard are recyclable: flat (cereal boxes etc) and corrugated (moving boxes etc). Both of these types of cardboard are still collected and recycled by run of the mill curbside recycling companies as well as at local gocery stores. If neither of these are readily available, one can recycle their cardboard at their local recycling center.

What is the NMFC for corrugated boxes?

carboard box

What are corrugated boxes made of?

Most corrugated boxes are made using a combination of paper, adhesive (glue), heat and pressure. Boxes made from recycles paper usually indicate this on the bottom of the box.

Where can one purchase corrugated shipping boxes?

It’s better to reuse boxes than to buy new ones. You can get free corrugated boxes on BoxGiver

Where can one purchase corrugated mailing boxes?

Corrugated mailing boxes can be purchased at many retail stores. Office Depot, Staples, and OfficeMax each have a wide selection of mailing boxes. They are often available at postal outlets as well.

are hamsters allowed to chew double corrugated cardboard?

Yes, it’s fun for them! If you need free corrugated boxes for your hamster there’s some on BoxGiver. Hope that helps!

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You can actually sell your boxes at or contact your local recycling company to find out if they accept corrugated cardboard (brown boxes) and flat cardboard (cereal boxes). For state recycling information, you can call (800) CLEANUP.