Does rin ever see obito again?

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No... Obito is dead.

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Q: Does rin ever see obito again?
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Will Kakashi ever see obito again?

yes Who knows!Maybe he will.Maybe he won`t.Some people thinks Obito is dead but i think he did survive.But will he see Kakashi again. I don`t think so

Is rin still alive?

i say she is dead caus if u get shonin jump (srry if i spelled it wrong) in 09 vol 7 iss 6 is has naruto kakashi and sakura on it.Open to pg 18. And it has kid kakashi obito says "what ever the village may say../you are a great about to die but ill be come your eye and well see what happens in the future..(rin pops up) look after rin for me.. (kakashi steps in) obito... ...i couldn't even protect rin. I broke my promise ...please for give me.. obito rin master im coming to see u now. So rin is dede caus kakashi said OBITO RIN!!! AND HIS MASTER. so i hope that helps!!! ( kakashi sees his dad in the end its only 4 pgs long).

How did Kakashi get mangekyou sharingan?

Kakashi gets his sharingan from Obito Uchiha. You can see it in The Kakashi Chronicles part 2. After Kakashi had his eye badly injured by a kunai a large explosion traps rin, kakashi, and Obito in a cave. Obito pushes kakashi out of the way before he is crushed by a rock, causing Obito to get crushed. Slowly dieing obito gives kakashi one last request. To take his sharingan and protect Rin. Rin, being a medicle ninja, transplants Obito's sharingan eye to kakashi's slashed eye. Obito did this because he could never admit his love for Rin. He did not want her to die so he gave kakashi immense power,via sharingan. That is how and i hope i helped

Is rin dead?

Rin did not run away from Konoha, she became an Anbu , and infact you see her at the 3rd hokages funeral, she walks past Kakashi coming back from Obito's grave. she has long hair.

In Naruto who is obito?

A childhood rival of Kakashi. They originaly hated one another, but that changed when they went on one fateful mission... (Text taken from Narutopedia) They had been sent to spy on enemy forces during the third ninja war: Rin (their female teamate) was kidnapped by two Iwagakure ninja named Kakkō and Taiseki. Obito immediately suggested that they rescue her, but Kakashi disagreed on the basis that they needed to complete their mission, opting not to make the same mistake his father did. Obito would not hear of it and stubbornly left to save Rin, but not before mentioning that he believed Kakashi's father, the White Fang, was a true hero. Shortly after parting ways, Kakashi reflected on Obito's words and Rin's prior kindness. He realized that his father was not wrong after all, which prompted him to join Obito in the rescue effort. Once they made it to where Rin was located, Taiseki was able to attack and damage Kakashi's left eye, who took the blow that was intended for Obito, giving him a permanent scar. In sheer terror and desire to protect Kakashi, Obito finally awakened his Sharingan, allowing him to see through his opponent's camouflage jutsu, kill the attacker, and continue on to Rin. Once they located Rin and Kakkō, Kakashi and Obito teamed up to defeat the latter. Kakashi and Obito freed Rin, but just as Kakashi's team was about to leave, Kakkō attempted to trap them with a crushing technique, causing a cave-in. While trying to escape, Obito pushed Kakashi out of the path of a falling boulder, causing himself to be crushed beneath it instead. Knowing his life was at an end, Obito instructed Rin to implant his left Sharingan into Kakashi's damaged eye. Rin complied, and as soon as the surgery was completed Kakashi used the Sharingan and his Chidori to kill Kakkō. Obito's death had a huge impact on Kakashi's personality. He is now more cheerful and shows greater concern for his team-mates and students, placing their safety over the successful completion of a mission, as well as believing that teamwork is essential to overall success as a team. He is also regularly late for appointments, making obvious excuses just like Obito before him. This is because of his frequent visits to the memorial where Obito's name is engraved, where he loses track of time.

What inyuasha episodes have rin in them?

When ever you see Sesshomaru (after episode 35) you will pretty much see Rin unless it's to dangerous so she's out of he picture for the time being.

How does Obito die in Naruto?

Obito dies by saving Kakashi. He pushed Kakashi out of the way to prevent him from getting crushed by a boulder. By doing that Obito himself got crushed by a boulder. As his last words he told Rin, his medic team mate to remove his leftover sharingan eye and implant it in Kakashi's damaged one. His last word before he died was, " With this Sharingan, I will always be with you, and I will also be able to see the future."

Who was obito in Naruto?

Kakashi's teammate from the Uchiha clan. See more here;

What happened to rin in Naruto after obito died?

It isn't known exactly what happened. But we do know that she is now dead. When Kakashi thinks he's about to die- he says "Obito... Master.... Rin.... I'm coming to see you now...." Just a little bit else... She is assumed to have died, as Kakashi has indicated that all those close to him were dead. Another implication of her death is in Kakashi's last thoughts before he fell against Pain, lamenting on the fact he failed to protect her.

How did Naruto died?

She is assumed to have died, as Kakashi has indicated that all those close to him were dead and the fact that he lamented on how he failed to protect her. This would later be confirmed during Kakashi's dying moments as he was going to see Minato, Obito, and Rin.

Does Stargirl ever see Leo ever again?

No but i wish they did.. :(

When was I Don't Ever Want to See You Again created?

I Don't Ever Want to See You Again was created on 1997-10-13.

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