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No, Rockland Community College doesn't have dorms. They might build some soon, according to my dad who is an admissions counselor

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Q: Does rockland community college have dorms?
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When was Rockland Community College created?

Rockland Community College was created in 1959.

What is Rockland Community College's motto?

Rockland Community College's motto is 'A Heritage of Excellence & Diversity'.

Does elgin community college have dorms?

No, Elgin Community College does not have Dorms

Does palm beach community college have dorms?

No we dont have dorms sadly

Why did Monsanto Pope quit the Denver Broncos?

he wanted to go to rockland community college

Does Valparaiso community college have dorms?

Only Valparaiso University does. Many community colleges don't have dorms or student housing since many students are part time and work.

Are dorms in College Of the canyons?

There are no dorms but they college administration staff could provide resources to search out dorms around the college. they do have good neighbourhood list of accomodations.

Are there dorms in evergreen state college?

yes. there are. there are apartment style dorms and freshman dorms.

Does Brooklyn college have dorms?

yes it does

What community colleges in Texas have dorms?

Wikipedia has a growing list of community colleges with campus housing. Look there for Jr colleges in Texas and surrounding states that have dorms.

Does Florida State University have dorms?

Yes, of course. There are many dorms on the campus of Florida State University. They offer suite style or community styles residence halls, with the option of getting a single, double, or triple dorm room. There are even apartment style dorms for upperclassmen.

What private college in Florida has dorms that used to be a luxury hotel?

Flagler College