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Does sakura end up with Sasuke?



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No, Sakura does no end up with Sasuke, She's starting to like Naruto but she probably wont end up with Naruto, she may end up with Gaara instead.

ANSWER: WTF? why would she end up w/Gaara? Well leaves Konoha and joins Sasuke. Sooo there may be a chance they become something...but that's a SMALL chance. I mean... sasukes awful ..don't get me wrong...hes cool...but hes UGHH. and....there may be a chance sasuke kills sakura O_O since hes all like "OHH DONT GET IN MY WAY OR ILL KILL YOU" and sakuras all like..."NO DONT DO IT SASUKE-KUN".....but i REALLY hope they end up together :[

ANSWER: Ok Why gaara? He already ends up with some other chick in the sand village. When Sakura leaves the village to join Sasuke, She does it because was wanting to be the one to kill him( Sasuke is a rouge Ninja now, Thanks to Danzo) when sasuke tells her to prove she wants to join him he tells her to kill karin sinse she was on the verge of dieing. When she pulls out her poisoned Kunae (Or however you spell it) karin says, "Sasuke, don't" Sakura turns around and Sasuke is inches away from hitting her with his chidori...then....KAKASHI TO THE RESCUE. lol he grabs sakura and kicks sasuke and then tells her that she doesnt need to carry such a burden and that it is his responsibility as team leader to do so... this goes on a long time so who really knows be patient go kiss a random hott guy or :P