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No, salt water does not evaporate faster than chlorine water. Salt water contains chlorine. Therefore, they both evaporate at about the same rate.

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the salt is made of heat so it evaporate faster

Fresh water evaporate faster.

It will evaporate faster outside because of the heat.

yes salt water will evaporate faster than regular water because the more stuff that's in the water the more time it will take to evaporate.

Ginger ale will evaporate faster but when it does evaporate it produces smoke

Salt water will evaporate first. Salt takes up space so to speak and there's less "water" to evaporate and so it seems to evaporate faster.

because the salt sucks in the water faster. because the salt sucks in the water faster. because the salt sucks in the water faster.

The answer is... YES! It does! I have done this science project many many times and have proved that water does evaporate faster with salt.

No it does not. There is no danger with evaporating salt water.

No, it will evaporate slower. When salt or another nonvolatile solute is added to water it raises the boiling point, making it more difficult to evaporate.

Salt and sugar do not evaporate, but the water that they are dissolved in does.

At the same temperature fresh water evaporates faster.

they evaporate at the same rate but the saltwater will have remnants in it when the water is all evaporated

The sugar water would evaporate faster than the salt because sugar dissolves in the water making it stay thin, while the salt makes water thicker and makes it hard to evaporate

Yes, because when salt is put into water, they can also act like magnets. Attaching to opposite particles. The salt molecules also push down the water molecules so the water molecules have to get enough power to evaporate. Which makes plain water evaporate faster.