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Sand helps aerate (introduce air into and leave pockets for air) into soil.

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Q: Does sand help soil from getting packed down?
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Does sand allow air into soil?

sometimes it depends on how packed down the soil is.

How does gravity help create sand dunes?

The wind blows the sand to new locations and gravity is what helps the sand settle down to the ground. Gravity also keeps the sand down after the sand dune is created.

What is made from tightly packed grains of sand?


HELP A pool leak I fix in my vinyl above ground left a sand cavity right beneath it it's right on the edge - hat do I do -- immediately fill with sand to help withstand the water pressure?

Well, all I knew to do was to rush to Home Dept & got some sand -- not pool sand, the coarser landscaping type, and packed as much in as possible.

What can tear down mountains or build them up blind a man and make him see?

sand can build a mountain, sand can tear it down, sand can make a man blind, and if made into glass it can help him see

How rocks from a cliff can be broken down to become sand?

Erosion is the main force that acts on rocks to break them down into sand. Water getting into cracks, freezing and expanding also helps to break down rocks.

Does a ball roll farther on grass concrete or sand?

Probably concrete, but hard packed sand would do pretty well.

What can build a mountain tear it down blind a man and make him see?

Sand, can build a Mountain, Tear it down, sand can blind a man, and if made into glass it can help him to see.

What are the warning signs of a sandstorm?

Sandstorms can be extremely dangerous when they occur. Some of these dangers would be getting buried alive, houses getting buried. torn down power lines from strong winds, and choking on sand in the air.

How are sedimentary rocks formed and where would you find them?

They are formed over millions of years of sand being packed down by the ocean.....And you can find them where oceans are located or were located like hoodoos and coulies.

How the sand fox adapted to live in its habitat?

Sand foxes have sand coloured fur that helps them to blend in with the desert and they also have huge ears that can help cool them down. They have fur on their feet that stops the sand from burning them, and possibly balance them when walking on sand.

Why is sand important in sand?

sand is important to soil that has drainage problems or in other words, if water does not move down through the soil easy, sand can help to improve drainage of water penetration down through the soil. When this can happen plant roots can more easily get soil oxygen and nutrients