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Does sex help in any way during pregnancy?


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That is a rather broad question, but I will try to answer it for you. Sex doesn't usually hurt pregnancy in any way, and if you want sex, it can help you relax. Some women swear that sex will bring on labor when the time is right, but don't hold your breath. My advice would be to have sex if you feel like it unless you have complications in your pregnancy, and your doctor tells you not to. If you aren't feeling up to it, and your partner is feeling put out, try other things like massage to help ease the stress until you feel like having sex again.

If you've got morning sickness, it helps to have sex so you can forget about the sickness during that time. It also helps you to stay close to your husband or lover during your pregnancy.

Continuing with a healthy sex life during pregnancy, helps ensure that your vaginal muscles stay active. The orgasm not only strengthens and keeps these (much needed for pushing muscles) in shape, but relieves stress and produces pain and relaxation hormones. You may need to find some more comfortable positions and techniques for work around your expanding middle. A healthy, trusting, sexual relationship with your partner not only benefits pregnancy and labor,(unless of course your doctor has recommends you not have sex because of complications) but will keep other aspects of your life healthy as well.

A previous answer's logic for having sex was that it will make you divert your attention from morning sickness. This is not true for everyone.

If you are nauseated all the time during the day like I am, sex is the last thing to think about. It cannot possibly divert the nauseated feeling. In fact it just makes you feel worse. Add to this, the aversion to all kinds of smells that makes you feel even more nauseated. These are smells that seemed fine before pregnancy.

In addition to the first answer, sex, indeed will bring on labor in some women. This is because prostaglandins found in male semen have been proven to dilate the cervix. Also, rubbing or even just brushing the nipples will stimulate the release of Oxytocin, (which is what pitocin is the synthetic form of) which stimulates the uterus to contract. So, unless told not to do so by your Dr or midwife, go on, have sex to bring on labor, and have fun doing it!!

Yes, it can reduce cramping, and headaches because of the hormones released during an orgasm. It can also create some personal and intimate time between you and your spouse and can help satisfy that emotional need.


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No spotting during pregnancy is very common many women have a full period during pregnancy. however you should consult with a doctor on certain positions of sex you can have during pregnancy.

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