Does sex hurt for a guy?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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Sex should not hurt a man. If it does, something is wrong and a doctors visit is advised.

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True, for the man, sex feels really good, and satisfying, but if it hurts, then get a doctor involved. It should NOT hurt for the man.

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Q: Does sex hurt for a guy?
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How do you make out with a guy when your boyfriend is at the bottom NOT SEX?

You have to be a bit carful when your having sex when your on top. The mans penis can be hurt if you do it a couple different ways. Ask him, also if your putting it in, be careful not to bend it, I did that once and he said that hurt like hell. You know men are the weaker sex:)

If a guy wants sex and you say no and you never see and hear from the guy again can you assume sex was all he cared about?

Definately. Don't let it hurt your feelings though, he's a jerk since that's all he cared about.

70 year old women will sex hurt?

probably, but it depends how hard ur going. If the guy is pushing it in far then yes it will hurt. If the woman tries to bend, and clicks a bone, then yes it will hurt.

What is the phrase you cant handle me mean?

If its directed to a girl from a guy it means he is saying that his penis is too big for your vagina and he would hurt you , in reference to sex...If its directed from a girl to a guy it means usually that he couldn't keep up when the are engaging in sex and foreplay.

How does it hurt after sex?

Usually it shouldn't hurt, neither during, nor after, having sex.

Sex in hot tub does it hurt you?

No it will not hurt you.

In what position does sex hurt more?

f the guy is well indowed the sex position that will hurt is when he puts the females legs up on his shoulder and he leans in and start pounding that move right there will keep nike in buisness because all we as females will run but you have to be very well indowed

How long does it takes for your vagina to stop bleeding after rough sex?

NO female should EVER bleed after sex!! If you are letting a partner be so rough with you that you bleed, you need to tell the guy STOP IT. Most likely, he is hitting your cervix and making it bleed. The problem is, the cervix does not like to be hurt. The tissue changes---meaning the tissue that's healing starts to grow back in weird ways. There can also be cervical erosion where the tissue is chronically "hurt". When the cervix is hurt like that it can cause cervical cancer! STOP this guy from hurting you!! That is not good sex!

Why do some position hurt during sex?

Some positions hurt during sex if the guy is pretty big compared to the girl. The doggy position can hurt sometimes and so do other positions just because the way you are having sex. A guys penis can push on the girl's insides and cause pain, such as pain in the stomach that follows after sex. For some couples like me and my wife, it is just normal to feel a little pain and achey after sex.

Will it hurt it's my first time. I'm afraid he'll hurt me badly. He said he want to do it so badly. Perhaps I need to bring some condoms. But will it hurt?

you shouldn't have sex until you know for a fact that your ready and make sure that you have found the right guy/girl

Can you do it with a guy?

yes you can do it with a guy its called sex

Why does sex hurt when on top?

It shouldn't hurt. You may want to consult a doctor.