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Smoking or otherwise consuming cannabis can trigger a migraine for some people. If the marijuana itself does not trigger some people, the fact that the pupil is dilated and takes in an extreme amount of light can trigger a migraine in those who find different light sources to be a major trigger for them.

However, marijuana can help abort a migraine as well. And even if it does not abort a migraine completely, it does provide relief from the effects of nausea. Once again, though - where in the middle of a migraine attack most sufferers are extremely light sensitive, it is imperative that they protect the eye after consuming cannabis so that they don't increase their pain.

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Does smoking weed cause migraines?

no.. it's get rid of them dumdum.. :)

What will cause you to fail a marijuana test?

Smoking Marijuana

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No but smoking cigs do

Smoking marijuana can be as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes and?

Can cause caner

Does smoking marijuana cause ED?

no, smoking marijuana actally can help you get an erection easier most of the time

What diseases can marijuana cause?

Smoking marijuana can cause lung, mouth, or throat cancer. That's about it.

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Does smoking marijuana cause Down syndrome?


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Does smoking marijuana help migraines?

THC does relieve pain, so yes, though it won't rid you of a migraine completely.

Does smoking marijuana cause boils?

No, marijuana causes no kind of skin defects

Does smoking marijuana cause headaches?

yea it does weeks for me

Does smoking marijuana stems cause testicular cancer?

its does

Does smoking marijuana make your eyes dialated?

Yes, marijuana can cause pupillary dilation.

Does marijuana cause lung damage?

Yes, marijuana causes lung damage. The risk of lung cancer from smoking marijuana is actually greater than the risk from smoking tobacco.

Does marijuana cause a rash?

It can and if it does it is probably caused by the fact that whom ever is smoking the marijuana is allergic.

Does marijuana cause acne?

yes, so stop smoking

Is smoking marijuana bad after getting a tattoo?

Smoking marijuana after getting a tattoo will cause no harm to your body. However, alcohol intake before getting a tattoo can cause excess bleeding.

Can smoking blunts mixed with marijuana cause you cancer?

Yes - smoking tobacco can cause cancer whether you mix it with anything else or not.

Can smoking marijuana cause miscarriage?

No but it affects the fetus in a negative way.

What are the results of smoking marijuana?

very bad, it can cause you to be sick and die

Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells?

No, smoking weed does not kill brain cells! No cause if it did someone would of died by know do to marijuana damaging the brain yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana

Can only cigarette smoking cause lung damage?

Pipe, cigar, and marijuana smoking can also damage the lungs

Does smoking weed cause schizophrenia and clinical depression?

Marijuana is not know to cause schizophrenia, and marijuana does not cause depression.CLINICAL STUDIES STATE THE EXACT OPPOSITE.Dope smoking, particularly in the early teens, increases the risk of schizophrenia and clinical depression.

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