Does smoking tea make you high?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Smoking tea does provide a (relatively low) dose of inhaled caffiene (much as drinking tea gives you an oral dose of caffiene). Just like drinking tea would give you a "caffiene kick" of energy, smoking tea would give you a "caffiene kick" of energy as well. This is likely to come with a very mild euphoria, like drinking tea is likely to do, this euphoria, although very mild and hardly noticable, is technically a high. I have found smoking tea to give a good energy rush for about 40 minutes, when it ends and starts a "come down effect" or "after effect" which is basically an opposite of the initial effects. I have found this useful for appointments at the end of long days where I had little energy and not enough time to brew tea and drink it.

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Q: Does smoking tea make you high?
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Can smoking tea bags get you high?

yes yes it can but not high high like only id you do it a bit

Can you smoke tea tree iol?

I am currently smoking tea tree oil in an ecigarette for chronic bronchitis. I find it loosens the mucus so that I am able to cough it out. Is it safe? I have no idea! But I do know that a bronchia clogged with mucus is going to kill me... so what do I have to lose? SMOKING TEA TREE OIL DOES NOT MAKE YOU "HIGH". Submitted by an honorary MD

What happens if you smoke green tea?

Actually, it might not be, except for the damage that habitual smoking does to your lungs. Smoking is a Want and not a need; seems like people are looking for a cheaper high, and this isn't it.

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Make you high

Is smoking tea taste good?

Yes camomile drop glycerine honey and food. Essence wow mellow high

Can cannabis incense make you high?

yes but not as high as the person smoking the cannabis

Does smoking marijuana make you spit?

Smoking marijuana makes you swallow, happy as high and hungry :'D

How can you eat or drink marijuana as opposed to smoking it?

Brownies and Tea. Put the goods in the brownie mix and make the same as you normally would. You can make magically delicious tea by brewing the leaves the same way that you would a regular tea bag. This is not the preferred method.

Is smoking lavender or smoking in general less harmful if done while drinking tea?

Physically, tea is not going to save your lungs from the smoke and all of the horrible chemicals. Tea is good for you in some ways, but it's not going to counteract the harmful effects of smoking.

Can smoking decaffeinated tea get you high?

you can Jose for a buck n get buzzed off your fours!

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