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That's a negative. The theory you're talking about is that smoking weed stunts growth which will in turn make you short which will in turn make you're penis smaller.

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Can smoking weed shrink the size of your penis?

Yes and give you breasts too. It interferes with your production of hormones.

Threw out time your penis will shrink if you keep smoking weed?

Unfortunately yes do to harsh chemicals in the marijuana you penis will shrink and make orgasms less satisfying to the sex.

Does smoking weed shrink your testis?

No it does not. On the documentary, "Super High Me" the guy had a higher sperm count when he was on weed.

Do weed stems make your penis smaller?

NO, marijuana does not cause your penis to decrease in size (unless you had an erection before smoking, and afterwards you were too distracted to concentrate, but that should be common sense by now.)

What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

What are Wiz Khalifa's hobbies?

Smoking weed, smoking weed, and smoking weed

Can smoking weed make your penis bigger?

yes,but u dont have one so it cant get any bigger

Is smoking better then smoking weed?

smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes. It's much healthier for you!

Does smoking weed affect your period?

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

Is smoking weed when you have a concussion bad?

Smoking weed is bad at any time.

Was Justin bieber arrested for smoking weed?

Justin Bieber was not arrested for smoking weed.

What are the effects of casual weed smoking?

Weed! =)

Is cigerrette smoking is just as bad as smoking marijuana?

cigarettes are WORSE than weed. smoking weed does nothing to your lungs or doesnt give you cancer. weed just gets to your head. compare the number of people who died from smoking cigarettes to the people who smoke weed. NOBODY dies from weed.

Does smoking weed kill your singing voice?

Smoking ANYTHING is bad for your voice. Weed included.

Weed smoking is bad for health?

Weed is actually healthy for you, google the benefits

Can you get skinny from smokin weed?

No you can not get skinnier from smoking weed

What can smoking cause and effect?

smoking what? weed? or ciggs?

Can you get throat cancer from smoking weed?

There is no scientific evidence linking cancer of any kind to smoking weed.

Can smoking weed make a man unable to make babies?

No, a man can have a baby with or without smoking weed.

Can smoking weed stop your penis getting hard?

no because my boyfriend smokes all the time every day and he still gets hard with no problem

Do smoking weed make you stop getting taller?

No, but it decreases blood flow, which in all decreases the size of a erection. So it makes your penis smaller. So in a way, it does make you stop getting taller. Actually weed makes you taller if you are not a loser on the couch 24/7 and not have an active life, and eat right!

Does smoking have alcohol in it?

No but weed does

Can you get a hangover from smoking weed?


Can smoking weed causes tb?

No, weed treats TB.

Can I get pregnant while smoking weed?

Of course. Weed is not a contraceptive.