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Q: Does system of a down songs appear on Guitar hero III for Nintendo WI?
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How do you download songs on Guitar Hero?

Go to Nintendo wifi and by them from the music store.

Jimi Hendrix in Guitar Hero?

Two songs by Jimi Hendrix appear in Guitar Hero World Tour.

Can you put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3 For Nintendo Wii?

nope, only if modded. that would be the only way

What are the songs on Guitar Hero 3 Nintendo?

Guitar Hero 3 on Nintendo doesn't exist. == GuitarHero DS was announced in Sept 2007. The game will use 3-D graphics and a new peripheral (still in design) for the Nintendo DS. Release date has not yet been announced.

Do any of the Guitar Hero games have System Of A down songs on them?

Guitar Hero World Tour has BYOB on it. That's it though.

When was Songs for a Blue Guitar created?

Songs for a Blue Guitar was created in 1995.

Can I import songs from Guitar Hero 4 to Guitar Hero 5 AND Band Hero?

Any songs you have saved in your rock archive will appear in your track list when you play any other guitar hero/band hero game as they save themselves to your console/memory card, not the game itself (:

Does Justin bieber play electric guitar or acoustic guitar in most of his songs?

acoustic guitar. I don't think he ever played and electric guitar in his songs.

How do you get custom songs on gh3 wii?

The only way to get custom songs on gh3 for wii is if you download it on your computer (very hard to find) or if Nintendo comes out with a disk that you can put on custom songs like guitar hero areosmith so basicly you can't.Sorry

Can you play Rock Band songs on Guitar Hero?

No. Rock Band songs only work with Rock Band, and Guitar Hero songs only work with Guitar Hero.

What is the difference between Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero metallic?

Different songs, graphics, Hammer-on/Pull-off system, and the slider notes work better in Guitar Hero 5.

Add songs to Guitar Hero aerosmith?

No.. You cannot add your own songs to Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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