Does tails have a brother

Updated: 10/5/2023
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There was something on you tube that showed tails with a four tailed blue fox.

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If you're talking about Miles 'Tails' Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog, then no, Tails has no siblings.

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Q: Does tails have a brother
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Does tails prower have a sister or brother?

nope he has no brother or sister but he thinks of sonic as a big brother

Does tails the fox have a sister and brother?

no but sonic says hes like his brother

Does tails think sonic loves him?

Yes of cause Sonic loves him he's his adopted brother of cause he does and Tails knows that

Is robotnik eggmans brother?

Robotnik is eggman its a nickname tails gave him.

Is tails sonics sister?

Tails is a boy, not a girl, so no he's not his sister :P He's more like his surrogate brother.

Why isn't tails in sonic underground?

Possibly because Tails is seen as Sonic's younger brother (relationship wise) and having Tails with Sonya and Manic would ruin the brotherly and sisterly feel.

Who does miles tails like?

tails has a crush on Amy of course.but the problem is that Amy likes sonic! not sure if tails has a crush on Amy but tails likes cosmo (sonic x) Tails likes chilie dogs, tails likes mint candy Oh and TAILS LOVES SONIC... as a friend or brother Tails loves cosmo then she dies then it was cream,or Fiona nowone knows! and nowone lik Amy cuz she is stupid ugly dumb and i hate her and hate pink and who needs ahammer? a sissy!

Is Tails in love with Amy?

Yes. Tails loves Amy(2012-present), Cream(2006-2009,) and Cosmo(2009-2011). Sonic is Amy's brother. Sally is Sonic's REAL girlfriend.

What is Tail's relationship to sonic?

Tails is Sonic's best friend, and in a lot of ways he is like Sonic's little brother.

Did sonic have a brother and sister?

Yes he does its Manic and Sonia but the thing is there not in sonic x there in Sonic Underground and in Sonic X and adventure of Sonic Sonic thinks of Tails Prower as a brother

Will baby gerbils have birth defects if a brother and sister mate?

Yes. Inbreeding will cause fixed wrists, kinky tails, etc. Do NOT let them mate!

Where did the 3 tails get their tails from?

They got there tails from