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Does tenten like Sasuke?

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there is a small possibility they like each other because they hardly know each other that well. therefore keep your opinion kids. anything is possible! ;)

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Does Sasuke like tenten?

No, he definitely doesn't. He barely even knows her.

In naruto What episode did Tenten say that Sasuke is cute?

She never says that

Best team in Naruto arena?

I recommend using Cursed Seal Sasuke,Kankuro and use Kiba.# Tenten(S) And kiba and then sasuke

Does Neji hyuga like anybody on Naruto?

Tenten Tenten

Who likes Sasuke in naruto?

It seems that Sakura and Ino are the main competitors for Sasuke. Temari and I think Tenten thought Sasuke was cute too. And in the Konoha History Arc in Naruto Shippuden all the girls scream and cheer when Iruka calls on Sasuke.

Shikamaru and temari?

nop! shikamaru ino sakura sasuke naruto hinata tenten neji temari no one

Well not all the girls love Sasuke.?

No, all the girls like sasuke :)Hinata doesn't, Ino doesn't anymore, Temari had a crush, but now it's gone, Tenten thought he was cute, but never liked him either.HINTA, TENTEN, AND TEMARI NEVER WERE IN LOVE WITH SASUKE. EVER. WHILE ALL THE OTHER GIRLS WERE PRACTICLY DROOLING OVER SASUKE. BY. Answerwolfman-Tenten blushed when he saved her and said he was 'cute and cool' but that's it. Temari blushed and called him 'handsome', but soon forgot about him.Hinata is the only one who's never shown any interest, and Karin is the only girl that likes him now.Okay, make that Sakura's the only one who likes him. XD'Sides Naruto, of course.

What is a good Naruto arena team?

Rock Lee, Sasuke Uchiha, and Temari.Also, you could use Shikamaru, Tenten, and Tayuya.

Naruto crack couples?

1. sasuke and sukura 2. naruto and hinata 3. neji and tenten 4. ino and shikamaru

What girl from Naruto would look Link be a good couple with?

naruto-hinata shikamaru-ino neji-tenten sasuke-sakura

Can Sasuke kill rocklee?

Yes sasuke can beat rocklee with his new sparkling menguoku te bedazzle rocklee to let him fantisise of male doing him that was his genjutsu and he has a lightning dragon of awesomeness(tenten is awe)

Who should tenten like?


Who should Neji like?


In naruto arena What is a good team to unlock Gaara rehab?

for gaara: gaara, shino and akadou for kimmimaro: kimmimaro, tenten S and temari for sasuke: sasuke, chiyo and dosu, replace chiyo with shizune if you dont have

Who gets together on Naruto Shippuden?

i am not 100 percent but about 99.9 percent it will be naruto and hinata- sakura does not like him like that shikimaru and temari - da its all in the pudding sasuke and sakura - if he turns good only way to bring back clan Sai and ino gaara and Matsuri neji and tenten - she should have pick lee to me it looks like tenten is startin to like lee,so they might hook up

Is anyone on naruto strong enough to defeat tenten?

Yes itachi, Orochimaru, sasuke, naruto, and if sasori was still alive he probably could to

Do Neji like tenten?

he might but i dont think so. one things for sure, tenten likes neji

What is the last name of Tenten?

Tenten's, like Orochimaru's, last name is not revealed in the series. Tenten might be a nickname.

Does tenten like Naruto?

no she likes neji

Does Neji ever like tenten in naruto?


Does Neji like tenten as a friend?


Does Sasuke like anybody?

No, Sasuke does not 'like' anybody.

What is the best Naruto arena team?

The best team in naruto arena is NEJI[S],CURSED SEAL SASUKE,KABUTO. or Hinata,Shikamaru,Tenten.

Does tenten like rocklee?

In one episode tenten blushes when she sees lee working so hard. So maybe she does.

Does Sasuke ever like a girl?

no but there are girls who like sasuke!