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The Bible is full of contradictory messages.

Christianity itself is a religion of peace and does not endorse war. However, when Christianity became adopted by rulers, problems arose as the said rulers often wanted to wage war. The Christian philosopher Saint Augustine developed the idea of a "just war" but this was well after Biblical times.

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Q: Does the Bible allow war as a last resort?
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Yes, war was a last resort.

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Not by a long shot.

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This question influences opinion.My OpinionMy opinion is that war should be the very last resort after meetings, treaties, warnings, and negotiations. War causes lives to be lost and should be the last resort in all scenarios. When a war is started, it is hard to stop.

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War is the obtaining of a political goal, by other than political means.

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No, having war is never a good option, only the last resort.

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fleets and armies

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The Bible predicts a war in which all nations will come against Israel in the last days.

What were the main beliefs of Hugo Grotius?

That states should resolve their conflicts through an agreed upon set of norms and that war should be the last resort.

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The Bible's stand on war is clear as it does not advocate for war. The only war that the bible allows is the war against the devil.

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