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Q: Does the CIA have unlimited jurisdiction?
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Do the CIA FBI or NSA supersede the police?

The NSA and FBI can pull the "Federal" jurisdiction card in some cases and take control of an alleged criminal. Technically the CIA has no jurisdiction inside the US.

Which court has virtually unlimited geographical and subject matter jurisdiction?


Do you need to travel as a CSI internationally?

As a crime scene investigator there is little chance you will have to travel outside of your jurisdiction. If you want the chance to travel, try the CIA.

Examine the validity of the statement that state high court is a court of unlimited jurisdiction in view of the federal jurisdiction?

Well from my knowledge you used the term validity wrong, validity is a characteristic of arguments, you meant to say truth which is a characteristic of statements.

What is the worlds largest spy agency?


Can there be agents in the CIA?

The CIA is composed of agents. CIA agents!

What is CIA GDP?

Cia gdp

Where is the CIA location?

the cia is located in Washington DC

What was an effect of the Watergate scandal on the CIA?

Congress resolved to watch CIA activities

What branch is the CIA in?

The CIA is a separate agency.

When was the CIA created?

The CIA was created in 1947

What is the difference between a Federal Court and a Provincial Court in Canada?

Provincial Courts have jurisdiction only in their respective province, whereas Federal Courts have unlimited jurisdiction in Canada. Judges in Provincial Courts are appointed by premiers whereas Judges in Federal Courts are appointed by the governor general or prime minister.