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No it doesn't. :D

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Q: Does the Executive branch include hundreds of independent agencies that work independently of the cabinet and the president?
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What about independent executive agencies is not true?

They advise the President on policy matters.

What is purpose of independent agencies?

Independent agency is a regulatory agency established by congress. Several different tasks are performed by independent agencies, It is a part of the government of the United States but works independently of the executive governmental departments. Independent agencies are responsible for keeping the government and the economy working smoothly.

What are the fours divisions of the executive branch?

The president, Vice President, cabinet members are the executive branch

What is an important characteristic of independent executive agencies?

All independent executive agencies are headed by one person

What is the main responsibility of executive branch agencies?

Which "independent" executive agencies are you referring to? Name examples please.

What are executive agencies?

Independent executive agencies are agencies under the executive branch that lie outside the jurisdiction of the cabinet departments. The independent executive agencies, in the federal system, are those agencies set up by the President of the United States. In the state systems, they are those set up by the Governors of the states. In both the state and federal systems, these agencies often have more power than agencies set up by statute.

Why are independent agencies called independent?

Independent agencies are given their name because they are not part of the Cabinet. They are agencies which are independent from the cabinet. Some examples may be executive agencies, government corporations, and regulatory commissions.

Which of these is one the main parts of the federal bureaucracy?

the supreme court

What is an executive agency?

An executive agency is a part of the government that carries out programs and operations not performed by the legislature or judiciary. In the US, these agencies of the executive branch are under the authority of the President, and almost all are part of a cabinet department.

How do independent agencies differ from other agencies in the executive branch?

The power is in the President of the United States, who also acts as head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

What is the Executive Branches responsibilty?

The executive branch of the US government includes the President, Vice-President, Cabinet, independent federal agencies, and US armed forces. The power of the executive branch lies with the President, who is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress.

What are the four major parts of the executive office of the president?

executive office, cabinet, and independent agencies.