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The SP and SP+ do, they have internal, rechargable batteries. The original GBA model though uses replacable batteries so does not have a charger.

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Can you use a Game Boy Advance charger on a Game Boy Advance SP?

No the Gameboy Advance SP has a seperate charger made for it.

Does the Game Boy advance sp use the same charger as the Game Boy advance?

no the sp has a charger while the gameboy uses batteries

How do you use the charger of Game Boy advance?

You dont there is non you change the batteries. And I have a game boy advance my self.

Do Game Boy Advance chargers work for Game Boy Colors?

Both the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color use AA batteries so it does not have a charger.

what is a good charger for the Game Boy Advance?

I would the OEM charger > Game Boy Advanced SP / DS Battery Charger OEM AGS-002

Where online can I find a charger (wall adapter) for my Game Boy Advance?

You can find a wall adapter/charger for your Game Boy Advance at many online stores. Three of these include www.amazon.com, www.toysrus.com, and www.bestbuy.com.

Can a Nintendo DS lite charger work on a Game Boy Advance SP?

No, the dark grey Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the black original Nintendo DS & Game Boy Advanced SP charger.

Can Game Boy advance charger work with Game Boy micro?

No, for as the gameboy micro's socket is skinny and long the gameboy advance's is short and fat

Can Game Boy advance Sp chargers work on Nintendo DS lite?

No. The DS lite charger is much smaller than the SP charger.

What happens if the Game Boy charger is not working what you do?

what should we do if game boy charger is not workng  

How do you connect the Game Boy Advance to another Game Boy Advance?

You must have the Game Boy Advance Connecter Cable.

What is a second hand Game Boy advance?

The second hand Game Boy Advance is the Game Boy Advance SP. = =

Does the Game Boy color and Game Boy Advance use same charger?

The GBC uses replacable batteries. It does not have an internal, rechargable battery pak like the GBA.

Can you play Nintendo ds Game Boy Advance sp games on a Game Boy Advance?

Nintendo DS games are not playable on the Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Advance is compatible with Game Boy Advance and original Game Boy cartridges. If you have a Nintendo DS, it will play Nintendo DS games or Game Boy Advance games. It is NOT compatible with the original Game Boy game cartridges.

Can you play gameboy games on gameboy advance?

On the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and Advance SP you can play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and, Game Boy Advance games.

How do you charge a Nintendo DS whithout the regular charger and without a Game Boy Advance SP charger?

you could use a car charger if you happen to have one, otherwise there are no other ways to change it :'(

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