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Does the baseball player and football player Bo Jackson have any siblings?


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Yes, he is the eighth of ten.


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bo is not in tne hall of fame. Bo Jackson was a great baseball and football player but he's not in either the Baseball Hall of Fame or National Football League Hall of Fame.

Yes Bo Jackson Was a Baseball Player

Yeah. Some notables: Rickey Henderson (Baseball and Football, pro baseball player) Frank Thomas (baseball and football, pro baseball player) dieon sanders (baseball and football, pro in both) and bo jackson, the greatest of them all (baseball and football, pro in both)

He has a brother, football player Martin.

its a baseball player bcuz theres no slarie cap in baseball and theres one in football so it cant be a football player and no ones cares about basketball so baseball

Bo Jackson was an American football and baseball player. His jersey number was the number 8 when he played for the Chicago White Sox.

There have been 89 Jackson State Football Players that have made it to the National Football League.

Bones Jackson is a standout player in both Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey.

he was a baseball player and football player

DeSean Jackson is an American football player. He currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL.

Football-, basketball-, and baseball-player.

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Shoeless Joe Jackson the baseball player is dead. The singer Joe Jackson is still alive.

A rapper,football player,baseball player.

Football is played on a 'gridiron'. Baseball is played on a 'diamond'. Football is played in a series of 'downs'. Baseball is played in a series of 'ups'. In football, a player who catches the ball expects to get hit. In baseball, hitting another player is not allowed. In football you are 'blocked' and 'sacked'. In baseball, you are 'tagged' or 'safe'. Football, the offense starts the play. Baseball, the defense starts the play. In football, they use the 'blitz' and the 'bomb'. In baseball, they 'steal' bases and hit 'sacrifice flies'. Football is limited to 60 minutes of regulation play. Baseball has no time limit. Football can end in 'sudden death'. Baseball has 'extra innings'.

Well there are many opinions but i think Fred Jackson is better

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football players especially the running back like Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans

Deion Sanders and that guy who use to say "Bo knows" (Bo Jackson) on a commercial when I was young, a hundred years ago.

bo jackson had turned down going to the olyimpics, but was a suger bowl MVP and a baseball champ and even his fails proved he was a great athalete

Joseph Jefferson Jackson, from Greenville SC.

i know that bo Jackson, a famous baseball and football player did. he was the only player to receive all star title in both sports. Dijon Sanders. primetime.

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