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Yes, but they breathe air too, thru the labyrinth organ. In fact if you don't let them get to the top of the tank they can suffocate.

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Which animals can breath through gills?

The only animal that can breath through gills are fish.

Do guppy breath through gills?

yes,guppy breath through their gills because it is a fish

How do clams breath?

They breath through gills

How does salmon breath?

Through their gills.

Do octopus breath through gills?


Do frogs breath through gills?


What does a seahorse breath through?


What vertebrate breathes through gills?

fish breath through gills most animals that live in water have gills

Do dolphins breath through gills?

no they breath thru there lungs

How do sharks breath under water?

Sharks breath through there gills , gills are equivalent to human's noses.

Does a frog breathe through gills?

Frogs don't breath through gills. They breath through there nostrils but as young tadpoles they have gills and through the process of metamorphosis they grow lungs and loose their tails and grow feet.

Which animal breathes through gills when young and through lungs when an adult?

Tadpoles breath through gills and when they mature into frogs they breath through lungs. this is similar for many amphibians

How do jawless fish breath?

They breath through their gills, such as the majority of fish.

How does a dolphn breath?

how does a dolphin breath? A dolphin breathes through its gills.

How does Great white shark breath?

They have gills that they breath through when they move.

How does a piranha breathe?

they breath through their gills

Does fish has lungs?

No, they breath through gills.

Do seahorse breath through its gills?


Which animals breath through their gills when they are young and grow lungs when they grow up?

A tadpole can breath through their gills but they grow lungs as they turn into a frog.

Does a shark breath through its gills?

Yes, sharks breathe through its gills like most fishes do.

Do betta fish breath air?

Yes. All fish need oxygen, including Betta fish. But Betta fish, as well as Gouramis are labyrinth fishes that have a structure that allow it to breath straight oxygen from regular air, they can also use there gills as well.

Do mammals breath with lungs or gills?

All mammals breath through lungs

How do clames breath?

Clams breath through gills much like fish.

Do both swordfish and dolphin breath through gills?

The simple answer is no, dolphins don't have gills.

Do salamanders breathe thorugh lungs or gills?

Most salamanders breath through gills when they are young and through lungs when they are adults. Some retain their gills throughout their lives while others breath through thier skin as adults.

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