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The color of water does affect the evaporation rate because the red water is more dense then regular clear water.

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Q: Does the color of water effect its evaporation in a pool?
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Why does the water level in the pool get lower in the cold weather?

Evaporation. There would be very little contraction as the result of temperature. however the temperature doesn't effect evaporation.

Will a darker pool liner cause more water evaporation?

A dark pool liner might cause a very small increase in water evaporation, but nothing significant. The dark pool liner will raise the water temp a bit which, in turn, may increase the evaporation rate. But, the evaporation rate is much more dependent upon the air temperature and humidity than on the water temp, so the increase in water temp would only have a very small effect on the overall or net water evaporation rate. Hope this helps ... yes, it will, and it could be a significant increase.

Does a solar cover keep water in your pool?

Yes, the solar cover helps to prevent evaporation, (water turning to water vapor and leaving the pool). Evaporation is also one of the major causes of heat loss to a pool.

How do you measure the water evaporation from your swimming pool?

With a ruler.

Why would pool loose water when filter is on?

evaporation or the removal of water.

What color is the water supposed to be in a salt water pool?

same color as a regular pool - blue

Will a waterfall aerate the pool keeping the temperature cooler or will it have no effect on the temperature?

AnswerYes, a waterfall will certainly aerate the pool water which will cause a slight increase in water evaporation which will, in turn, slightly decrease the water temperature. However, this effect will be minor to say the least.Your pool water temperature will still be governed primarily by the amount of sunlight your pool receives, the surrounding air temperature, and the ground temperature. Water cooling due to wind and water evaporation are typically seconded contributors.Hope this helps ...thank you for this but we are talking about more for a stream. do you know anything about that? please reply back to me thank you!!!

Does color effect evaporation of a pool?

Yes Slightly. Light energy converts to heat energy when used, causing water to evaporate. The less light at/in your water the less it will evaporate. If your pool has a lighter pigment,(Color Property) then it is reflecting more light, causing less heat. Darker pigmented pools absorb more light, causing the light energy to convert to heat energy.

Does a salt water pool effect a pool heater?


Would using salt over chlorine decrease evaporation in my pool?

A salt water pool is nodifferent from a chlorine pool as the salt is put in the pool to make chlorine electronically and no it would make no difference to evaporation. There is a product available that reduces evaporation and heat loss known as heatsavr.

Why does your pool have less water in it after winter?

after winter it gets hot. When the heat hits the pool it causes evaporation.

How does Water evaporate from pool on humid days?

if there's sun there is evaporation

How do you slow evaporation from water in a swimming pool?

Use a solar cover....

How can we use a physical property of water to explain why we feel cooler even chilly when we come out of a pool or ocean water?

Evaporation of water is a process with heat absorption.

Would heating or cooling a pool decrease evaporation?

Heating a pool will increase the rate of evaporation from that pool.

Could aeration cause more water evaporation in your pool?

Yes, it is true.

How do different color liners affect blueness of pool water?

The pool water draws its color from the liner. If you buy a white liner, then the pool water will not be blue. If you use a light blue liner, then the pool will be light blue. In my opinion, the best liner is a darker blue liner with ripples on it. Your pool will look gorgeous and inviting and the ripple effect makes it difficult to see any dirt in your pool. A solid color liner lets you see everything, which isn't always pretty.

How much water evaporation is normal for an inground pool in Northern NJ?

Simple evaporation test: Mark your water level of your pool, (make sure that the auto feed valve is off). Place a bucket with water next to the pool and mark the level. (keep the dog away as this will affect the outcome. Periodically monitor your levels. The pool and the bucket should have the same rate od evaporation. If the pool level drops below the bucket- you have a leak. If the bucket drops past the pool level- you have a thirsty dog.

How long does it take to get the rust color out of pool?

Is the water rusty color? Or is the rust color on the pool finish - plaster or vinyl or fiberglass?

What plants grow best near a pool?

Because of the evaporation of the pool water. The gas travels to the branches etc, and grows better

Why does putting a cover on a swimming pool stop the water evaporating?

Any evaporation will collect under the cover and drip back into the pool.

Will your body temperature affect the temperature of water in a pool?

Yes,ower body can effect the water in a pool

How do you fix green water in pool?

If you go to the pool store they sell a chemical called pool shocker. This shocks your pool water back to its normal color.

How do you get rid of too much chlorine in your pool?

evaporation and/or dilution evaporation: chlorine will evaporate from a pool fastest on a hot, sunny day. leave the cover off for a bit. dilution: add clean non-chlorinated water to the pool to dilute the chlorine concentration. do not illegally dispose of or dump chlorinated water to make room for the clean water!

Why does the water level in a winterized covered pool keeps getting lower?

Either evaporation or leaks.