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It can, as the absorbency is dictated by the weight and consistency of the paper used. Cheaper brands will usually achieve fiber absorbency at the expense of wet strength. So generally more costly towels will hold together better, rather than just absorb more.

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Q: Does the cost reflect the absorbency of a paper towel?
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Which is better Scott paper towel or bounty paper towel?

I like Scott's, but each person will likely have their own favorite for various reasons. I just NEVER buy Brawny, they are AWFUL and way too expensive for what you get! Ideal, however, to go by my old fashioned Home Economics principles, would be to use rags or cloths so they can be washed (without fabric softener) and reused. Whenever I have worn out cotton sheets that have covered their last bed, I tear them into various sizes and keep stacked and at the ready in the kitchen drawer. They are lint free, absorbent, significantly more cost effective, and much better for the environment. One bed sheet will supply you endlessly for years.

How much does a sheet of construction paper cost?

.50 cents at Target.

How much is 1 ream of bond paper cost?

1.Reams are cut from rolls of various dimensions.However 1 yards=36 inches.There fore a cut size of 36 " x 46" from a yard roll may have 5-6 sheets 36"x230" or 36"x 276 " .Then for a 500 sheet ream the cut in roll would require 100 yards or 83 yards approximate.

What are the Different types of cost with answers?

Direct cost. Indirect cost. Fixed cost. Variable cost.

Are all materials recyclable?

Simply put, NO. In order for 'recycling' to be a benefit, the costs of it need to be less than the cost of producing a 'new' product. In most cases, this is true only for items like aluminum, which have a very high initial cost, but can be recycled for less money and energy consumption. Recycling doesn't make sense if the complete costs of it (transportation, energy, deferred costs, etc) are figured into the equation. For example, it's much more environmentally damaging to recycle paper than it is to simply produce new paper - paper recycling uses tons of volatile and dangerous chemicals, whereas new paper only requires trees - and trees are grown specifically for paper in many areas. Saving trees by recycling paper is like saving wheat by not eating cereal. Many of the EPAs most highly-polluted Superfund areas are themselves recycling centers. That said, I suppose if you look at it from a cosmic perspective, then everything IS recycleable - every atom on earth (including YOU) came from an exploding supernova star somewhere billions of years ago, and sooner or later all the atoms on earth will be back in the universe in some other form.

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What is the definition of the absorbency of the paper towel?

The absorbency of paper towels differ from brand to brand, usually contingent on the cost of the towels. The super-absorbent towels can mop up large amounts of liquids and still be able to absorb more quantities. The low-absorbency towels have difficulty in picking up even moderate quantities of liquids.

How much does charman the paper towel brand cost?


What is the best commercial paper towel dispenser?

The Vista Hygienic Push Paddle Roll Paper Towel Dispenser is one of the best selling paper towel dispensers in recent years. It is especially popular because of its low cost and infrequent refills.

How much do paper towel holders cost?

To answer this question, I took a quick look at the prices of paper towel holders on the websites of three different stores: Amazon, Drugstore, and Bed Bath & Beyond. The paper towel holders on those three store's websites ranged from $5 all the way up to $90, with most of them being in the $10 to $20 range. Hope that helps!

Most Cost Effective Hand Towel: Cloth Towel or Paper Towel?

In the quest to save money, there are many household things to take into consideration from groceries to household goods such as toothpaste, bedding and towels. Hand towels for the kitchen are something all households use on some level. Some use them more than others, such as those who do a lot of cooking and baking and the like. Whether cloth towel or paper towel options are most cost effective in the kitchen depends on the household and the kitchen individually. For example, a household with many small children will likely use more kitchen towels than a household with just two adults. So which type of towel is best for the budget? Paper towel usage is something most frugal homes weigh carefully, for it is easy to toss away money on disposable towels. The alternative is to buy a good sized stock of cloth towels to use, wash and reuse. This is clearly a better option in most cases. However, as mentioned above, taking into consideration the household and specific uses for the paper towel is important before deciding they are not cost effective. A household with many small children, whether they are living there or coming in a babysitting capacity, might be best served using a type of paper towel for the many spills and wipes that come with the territory. Buying the paper towel stash in bulk is one way to save money and still take advantage of the convenience of disposable towels. Sometimes the convenience of a paper towel makes it worth the extra cost, such as in daycare situations or busy kitchens where the time and effort to keep enough laundered towels on hand becomes a problem. The paper towel usage can be saved for contaminates such as wiping little faces and hands or wiping up food spills such as raw chicken and the like. There are ways to use both a cloth and paper towel that make both a cost effective option for the home when the specific uses are considered.

Why is Bounty the srongest paper towel?

It is not the strongest, it's a marketing claim used in advertising, there are other paper towels on the market that are actually stronger, although these do cost a little more to buy than Bounty.

What are facts about bounty paper towels?

My daughter and I did an experiment for junior high and we found that the cost per gram of Bounty is $0.0073507 and the cost per gram of Brawny is $0.0066255. We also found that the cost of each gram of water absorbed for Brawny is $0.0005643 compared to Bounty which is $0.0006064 for each gram of water absorbed.

What is a great paper towel alternative?

The answer to this question will depend on the priorities and needs of the user. There are many paper towels brands on the market with various degrees of durability, design, and cost. Many of them feel nice and look pretty, but are not necessarily any more absorbent than some of the much lesser expensive brands. To pick the one that is right for your needs, the best way is to speak to friends and family to find out what they like best about their particular brand. You can then measure their input against your needs to evaluate whether it is a match. Occasionally I find popular brands at local dollar stores and purchase there to get an even better value for my money.

How much do paper jamz cost?

paper jams are $25 and are not paper

How much does one roll of paper towels cost?

In Maryland, one roll of Sparkle paper towels costs $1-$2. This cost may vary depending on where you are located at.

Who invented paper towel and why?

i did, jk Scott Paper Company was founded by brothers E. Irvin and Clarence Scott in Philadelphia in 1879. SCOTT® Brand Tissue with 1,000 sheets was introduced at a cost of 10 cents per roll. It was considered a medical item; print ads were used to increase awareness and address embarrassment. his name was Scott paper!!

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Historical cost is the cost of an item when it was originally acquired. Historical cost does not reflect the change of value over time that an asset undergoes.