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Q: Does the first hand bid itself in spades?
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J K A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Q?

If you are playing bridge and you have spades in your hand, you bid 7 spades.

Why cant you bid 9 books in spades?

you can bid 4/5/6/7/8 or 10 and not nine

What is the lowest suit in bridge?

Clubs. The rank order of suits from lowest to highest is Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades. This means that after 1 Club is bid, it is possible for 1 of any of the other suits to be bid. But if, say, 1 Heart is bid it is only possible to bid 1 Spade, 2 Clubs, 2 Diamonds, or some higher bid.

In the game of Bid Whist how do the jokers work on a no trump bid if you have them in your hand can you play them if you still have a suit that has been played?

in a no trump bid the jokers are useless

What is diamonds in bridge?

The diamond suit is a 'minor' suit. Clubs is also a 'minor' suit. Spades and hearts are the 'Major' suits. They are called that because major suits give more points in the scoring than minor suits. It only takes a four-bid to make 'game' in hearts or spades, but you must bid five diamonds or clubs to make 'game'.

What does book mean in bridge scoring?

Book is the first six tricks won by the declarer. Only then do the tricks start to count towards fulfilling the contract.If the bid was 'four spades' the declarer must actually win ten tricks to fulfill the contract. That is six tricks for the book and four more tricks to equal the bid.

What is a card game with tricks and trumps?

There are lots of card games that involve tricks and trumps, including (contract) bridge, spades, euchre etc. (In bridge you can bid 'no trump'.)

When you double a bridge contract that is not game does it automatically double the contract into game?

Only two hearts or two spades will be doubled into 'game'. The double just doubles the contract, it does not automatically put it into 'game'. If the bid was 'one', then it is doubled into 'two'. If the bid was for 'two' it would double into 'four'. That is 'game' for hearts or spades. Four diamonds or four clubs would not be 'game'. Doubling a two heart or two spade bid should be avoided unless you are very sure of defeating your opponents. If they make the two tricks, you have given them an easy 'game'.

What is Michaels cue bid in bridge convention?

A Michaels cue-bid is a commonly played convention which uses a direct cue-bid of the opponents' suit to show a 2-suited hand. It promises at least 5 cards in any unbid major, and is typically played as either weak or strong.ExampleYour right-hand opponent opens 1♢, and this is your hand:♠KQT32♡QJ983♢2♣42You could bid 2♢, a Michaels cue-bid.

What do auctioneers look for in a crowd of bidders?

A sign that someone is making a bid - a paddle or hand held up, a nod of a head, even a wink can be accepted as a bid.

How does a bidder at a live auction indicate to an auctioneer that the bidder raises the last bid?

At a live auction a bidder will usually raise a paddle to indicate to the auctioneer that they would like to raise the bid. Sometimes the bid itself is called out as well.

What is shoot the moon in pinochle?

----------------------- Shoot the Moon The Winner of the bid may at his/her option declare that they intend to "Shoot the Moon". This declaration must be made after all melds have been counted and BEFORE the first card of the hand is led during play. Making this declaration means the Bid Winner intends to take ALL the Tricks. If he/she succeeds, a bonus of 25 points is awarded the team at the conclusion of the hand. If he/she fails to take all the Tricks, SET is declared. Their team loses all points accumulated in the hand and deduct their bid plus 25 points from the score they held at the beginning of the hand.

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