Does the male kangaroo carry the baby?


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No. Pouches are only found on female marsupials, so only the female kangaroo carries the baby.

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No. Not only does the male kangaroo not have a pouch, but the male has no part at all in raising the young joey.

A male is a buck, and a baby is a joey.

to keep the baby kangaroo safe and warm

The mother kangaroo carries her baby (joey) in her pouch.

male - buck (also a boomer)female - doe (also a jill)baby - joeya baby kangaroo is called a Joey a baby kangaroo is called a Joey

Something that has a pouch to carry it's baby in such as a kangaroo

Male seahorses carry their young in a pouch simillar to a kangaroo.

A baby kangaroo is a joey. A male kangaroo is a buck or a boomer. A female kangaroo is a Jill or doe. For specific kangaroo species names, see the related question below.

The average jumping distance of a baby kangaroo is 10 feet or less. The average jumping distance for an adult kangaroo is about 30 feet but they can jump as far as 40 feet.

It dives back into its mother's pouch, hoping that she will carry it to safety.

An adult male kangaroo is a buck or a boomer.

A male kangaroo is a buck or a boomer.

A kangaroo can be both male and female!

A male gorilla is typically much larger than a male kangaroo. While a kangaroo's kick can disembowel, a gorilla's heavier frame and ability to grapple an opponent would likely carry the day for it.

A kangaroo joey is carried Ina pouch, known as a marsupium. Most female marsupials carry their young in a pouch, and only a few species do not have a pouch.

Joey is the name of a baby kangaroo.

The male of any species of kangaroo is called a buck or boomer.

A male tree kangaroo is most commonly known as a buck. Unlike its ground-dwelling counterpart, a male tree kangaroo is not known as a boomer.

When first born, a baby kangaroo (joey) is about the size of a bean.

no, men do not have the eternal parts to carry a baby fetus.

only in seahorses x and only in george! :L

A male kangaroo is called a buck, boomer, or jack.Male kangaroos are often called "Bucks" or "Boomers".

A male kangaroo will attack a female because when a female has her monthly it smells the same as a female kangaroo in season so the male kangaroo wants to mate her this is one of the ideas that is known to be why this happens.

A kangaroo mouse, like the kangaroo rat, is not a member of the kangaroo family (unlike rat-kangaroos, which are different again). There is no special name given to baby kangaroo mice.

the male seahorse gives birth instead of the female :D the female gives birth but the male carries the baby seahorses in a pouch at the front like a kangaroo XD

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