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Does the number one high school team in the country have a reasonable chance in beating the worst NBA team?

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The answer is simply no. Just because their the worst team in the NBA doesn't mean they aren't good. It just means the other teams are better. What if the best high school team isn't actually good and the other teams are just really bad? Well, the answer is no. They are pro players for a reason.

The easy answer is no. Although keep in mind two things. There are high school teams that can recruit some of the countries best high school athletes. Mount Zion out of North Carolina is a great example. Second, there is a reason why we play the game. If there was no chance than basketball wouldn't be considered a game. In my experience I have seen some pretty improbable victories. I think a good game could be had right now between the National Champion Connecticut Huskies and the Orlando Magic right now though. Not knocking the Magic and I am sure they would probably win but it would be interesting.

sort of like the question when the college all-stars used to play the nfl champs years ago. it ain't going to happen., but just might have ONE odd ball game when it could happen

no. while there still the worse team in the NBA, the best highschool team in the nation is full of 18 to 17 year olds. even the worse NBA team still has players on it that were good enough to get through college basketball and to the pros, where not anyone can just play.

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