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Q: Does the salvation army wear a uniform?
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Why do salvationists wear a uniform?

Salvationists wear a uniform as a way to demonstrate their commitment to serving others and to show unity with the Salvation Army's mission and values. The uniform also serves as a symbol of identity and helps to create a sense of belonging within the Salvation Army community.

Which missionary organization is structured like an army with ranks and uniform?

Salvation Army

Do salvation army baptise babies?

No The Salvation Army does not practice any form of baptismal rites. Neither adults nor infants are baptized in the Salvation Army. The teaching of the Salvation Army is that wearing the uniform is equal to baptism. Link to informative article on infant baptism in the Christian Church:

Is the white shirt authorized for wear with the green class A service uniform?

On social occasions when the prescribed uniform is the Army Blue Uniform, personnel who don't have one are authorized to wear the Army Green Uniform with white shirt and bow tie.

Wear the US Army CIB on a US Marine uniform?

No the CIB is a an Army award and not transferrable to the Marine Core dress uniform.

When a man in the army gets married what does he wear?

Usually, his dress-up Army uniform.

Can you wear army class a uniform to civilian wedding?


Can you wear the beret with army dress blue uniform?


How do you wear combat action ribbon on army dress uniform?

The same as you would wear any other awarded ribbon on the Army dress uniform. I have attached a link to this question to further assist you.

Where do you wear the combat action badge on army ASU?

The combat action badge are worn with "Class A" Army green, blue or white uniform coats. You must wear that uniform when wearing the badge.

Where do you wear the the army CAB badge?

On the left side of your dress uniform for the Army. Usually below the other badges if you have room. Navy, Marines, Airforce will wear ribbons of the left side of the dress uniform. Ferguson

Can you wear an army reserve components achievement medal on a navy uniform?

Yes, you are allowed to wear awards from other U.S. military services on your Navy Uniform.