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Yes. See related links for an example.

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Q: Does the smith and Wesson m and p 40 airsoft co2 work with a plastic magazine?
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Can a smith Wesson 40 magazine fit into 40 beretta?


How many rounds does a smith and Wesson parabellum 9mm magazine hold. does it have an extended magazine for it?


How do you disassemble a Smith and Wesson magazine?

Depends entirely on the magazine. Some are not meant to be taken apart.

What was the first smith and Wesson made?

Lever Action Magazine Pistol

How do you disarm a Smith and Wesson 9mm?

Drop the magazine and clear the chamber.

Does anyone make plastic grip replacements for a smith and Wesson 422?


Need a picture of a smith and Wesson 6906 magazine field stripped?

Try egunparts

How do I fix a Smith and Wesson 3000 airsoft guns broken safety?

You will have to find someone who specializes in air gun repair.

What magazine clip fits smith Wesson bg380?

No such thing ans a "magazine clip". If you want a magazine for it, contact S&W or your nearest gun shop.

Can the model 915 smith and Wesson take a 30 round magazine?

If someone has made one.

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson model 669 in good condition with one magazine?

50-325 usd

What is a Smith and Wesson shotgun?

A shotgun made for Smith and Wesson, sold under the Smith and Wesson name.