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the weight will decrease

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rayyan zahid

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no its weight remains constant

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Q: Does the weight of an apple increases or decreases or remain constant when taken to the top of mountain?
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Why temperature increases dencity decreases?

Density is mass divided by volume. For most substances, when the temperature increases the volume will increase (assuming constant pressure), but the mass will of course remain unaffected.

What happens to the power in a circuit as the current increases?

P=VI If current (I) increases then P will increase proportionally. That is, assuming that voltage (V) remains constant. If voltage decreases and current increases or vice versa, proportionally then P will remain the same.

What is Anisometry?

Shape does not remain constant as size increases.

As output increases the average fixed costs?

remain constant

What happens to the acceleration when the total mass increases but unbalanced force remain constant?

Acceleration increases

If temperature increase and volume remain constant what is pressure?

This is explained by Charle's law. Keeping volume constant, as the temperature increases then the pressure of the gas also increases.

Boyle's Law shows an inverse relationship between?

The inverse relationship between pressure and volume of gases such that as pressure increases, volume decreases by the same fraction of change; Temperature and number of molecules remain constant.

Line regulation and load regulation of zener diode?

Line regulation defines as the output voltage of the zener to remain constant under input line variation. Load regulations defined as the load increases or decreases the zener will control this variation by keeping the voltage constant.

What is 8 reduced by 4?

Density remain constant

What happens to the altitude and boiling point as the pressure is increased?

As altitude increases, pressure decreases, so boiling point decreases, so the liquid would boil at a lower temperature and would not be able to get as hot and remain a liquid. As pressure is increased, boiling point increases, meaning the liquid could get hotter than normal and remain a liquid.PV=nRT - pressure x volume = the number of moles x constant x temperature

According to Boyle's Law if the volume and temperature of a gas in a closed container remain constantwhat happens to the gas's pressure?

It goes up.

How are the absolute temperature and volume of a gas at constant pressure related?

They're proportional; as temperature increases volume increases.