Does tokine like yoshimori

Updated: 9/18/2023
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yeas because in some episodes she shows affection

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Q: Does tokine like yoshimori
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Do yoshimori and tokine ever become a couple?

maybe not because tokine and yoshimori are like brother and sister.Also,tokine is older than yoshimori. Well Yoshimori is in love with Tokine, so I don't really think they are like brother and sister. Tokine thought of him like a brother at first, but is starting to show signs of liking him romantically. If they ever do become a couple it probably wont be until the end of the series.

Do Yoshimori and tokine kiss?

yes , they do kiss ..... i counted 3-4 times but im not sure

Who are the ghost dogs in Kekkaishi?

Madoradao is Yoshimori's, and Habiku is Tokine's.

Do tokine and yoshimori love?

Yea u will see it in episode 52 or 53 part3 Thanks

When did Wada Yoshimori die?

Wada Yoshimori died in 1213.

When was Fujizakura Yoshimori born?

Fujizakura Yoshimori was born in 1948.

When was Wada Yoshimori born?

Wada Yoshimori was born in 1147.

What has the author Yoshimori Yazaki written?

Yoshimori Yazaki has written: 'Yuibutsuron shi'

Does tokine ever kiss yoshimori?

That have not yet. But I think that may at the end of the show. Like all good anime show should end! Because do love one another or are start to love one another. So I said the kiss at the end of the show!

Why does hakubi like tokine so much?

It is a simple matter of love. Not like. It was made clear he has somewhat romantic feelings for her, if not excessive and brotherly.

Who killed tokine's dad in kekkaishi?

Multi-eyed ayakashi..

Who is cuter in kekkaishi gen or yoshimori?

I think gen is :)