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No it does not

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Yes, Trident Layers gum does contain xylitol as a sweetener. Xylitol is typically used in sugar-free gum to provide sweetness without contributing to tooth decay.

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Q: Does trident layers contain xylitol
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Does trident layers contain salicylic?


Is there any gum that doesn't have aspartame or xylitol in it?


What are the ingredients to trident gum?

The chemicals used in Trident gum are: -Xylitol -Sorbitol -Acesulfame potassium -Sucralose -Mannitol

What chewing gum in UK contains xylitol?

I'm Sure it's trident

Does trident layers contain pork?

Call This number and ask If the Gelatin has pork in it.. 1800 524 2854

What gum is better for you trident layers or stride?

Stride is better for you because there are bad thing inside of trident layers.

What do people think of Trident Layers?

Some people think that after the Trident Layers loose there taste that it taste nasty

Does gum with xylitol flavor last longer?

Flavors of gum that have Xylitol in them, does not last very long as with those that contain aspartame. Xylitol is a natural sweetener.

How much xylitol is in trident gum?

When you call Trident, they will tell you that the amount of xylitol in their Trident and Stride gums is proprietary and they will not disclose the amount. According to Epic Dental, it contains 0.17 gm. In any case, I think it is safe to assume that it is significantly less than 1 gm and therefore not high enough to prevent decay. If you want to prevent decay, studies suggest chewing 1-2 grams, 4-6 times every day. I don't believe there are any over-the-counter gums you can buy in stores which have high enough xylitol levels. You can buy xylitol gums over the internet which have 1 gm per stick.

Is Trident Layers gum bad for your brain?


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trident layers

Does xylitol prevent dental caries?

There is research on whether or not xylitol can prevent dental caries. From everything that I have read it can help prevent dental caries especially if you chew gum that contains xylitol. Check out They have products that contain xylitol.