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yes almost all the tuna have scales

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Do tuna fish in tins have fins and scales?

The tuna in the tin should not have fins or scales with it.

Does tuna fish have scales and fins?

Yes all species of Tuna have both scales and fins.

What is the name of fish with no scales?

Catfish and tuna don't have scales.

Does tuna fish has scales?


Is tuna a scaleless fish?

No, they just have very fine scales.

Do tuna fish have fins and scales before they are in tins?


Does tuna have scales?

Tuna have fine scales.

What kind of fish have scales?

Are you asking about this because of the law in the old testament regarding kosher eating? some fish that have scales are salmon, trout, tuna, talapia. catfish do not have scales

Are tuna fish considered kosher?

Yes, it is kosher because it has fins and scales.

Are tuna fish kosher?

Yes, because tunas have scales and fins which are required in order for a fish to be considered kosher.

Do tuna fish have scales?

Yes, all species of tunas have scales, however, they are tiny (almost microscopic).Regarding whether Tuna is Kosher, however, is a little more complicated. In order for a fish to be Kosher, it must have both fins and scales (this you probably know already). However, in Jewish law, the fish must have scales that are easily removed with your fingers or a knife such that it does not cause damage to the skin (kaskeses). This would prohibit under Kashrut any fish whose only scales are microscopic in nature.Therefore, if the tuna is a tuna where the scales are not readily visible, then they are not kaskeses, and therefore the tuna is not kosher.Sources: as sited on 12/21/2011AnswerYes, most varieties have scales... therefore, they are Kosher. Yes especially the ones not in tins.

Do eels have scales?

not in the sense of how more well known fish have scales like a tuna or bass. they do however have scales underneath a layer of skin and the scales cannot be removed without the skin coming off. so in short, they do have scales but not like other fish.

Does all tuna have scales and fins?

Yes all tuna have fins and scales

Do tuna have scales?

Yes, all species of tuna have scales. The scales are not the typical scales though, they are much smaller, almost microscopic.

Do yellowfin tuna have scales?

Yes, all tuna have scales, but they are small and nearly invisible.

What species of tuna have scales?

all of them have scales.

Does mackrel has scales?

Yes, the Spanish mackerel has scales. These scales which only partly cover this species, are so small however that they are frequently overlooked. Many fish, such as tuna, herring and mackerel, shed their scales when removed from the water.

Which tuna has scales?


Why are piranhas fish?

We classify piranhas as fish because the live underwater, they have gills and scales and fins, and they are essentially similar to other forms of fish such as salmon and tuna etc. They are obviously fish.

Where do you get tuna fish juice?

from a tuna fish can

What kinds of fish do tuna fish eat?

tuna fish

How many tins of tuna can you get out of one tuna fish?

You can get four tins of tuna out of one tuna fish.

Is tuna a bony fish or cartilaginous fish?

The tuna is a bony fish

Is tuna fish or chicken?

Tuna is a type of fish.

What is tuna fish called in Telugu?

tuna fish