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Q: Does university of Washington have dorms?
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Does Laval university dorms have bathrooms?


Does Hawaii Pacific University have dorms?

Yes, it does.

What kind of dorms does the university of Arizona have?

the dorms vary from old to new the new dorms are really nice and can be considered "green" dorms. one of the newest and nicest dorms that everyone wants to get into is called the Likins dorm. most of the dorms on highland street are nice dorms and they are relatively close to everything.

Can people stay at the dorms at Ohio State University in the summer?

Yes. The dorms are relatively full during the summer.

How many dorms does prairie view university have?


Where would students live as freshman in Harvard University?

in dorms

How much do dorms at the University of Texas at Austin cost?


Do university of California have dorms?

well i live in California and where i am going to university they do but some places may not

Does Florida State University have dorms?

Yes, of course. There are many dorms on the campus of Florida State University. They offer suite style or community styles residence halls, with the option of getting a single, double, or triple dorm room. There are even apartment style dorms for upperclassmen.

How is dorm life in Columbia University?

2 word that describe the dorms are small and crowded.

What are some areas of study at Indiana university?

some areas to study at is in your dorms are in the pak

How much will park university cost plus dorms per year?

11.000 check my answer