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No they will not and they might already be inside your uterus.

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If there is sperm around vagina will urine kill that sperm?

No urine will not kill any sperms.

Does urination kill sperm?

Urine does kill sperm, but once the sperm has entered the vagina, it's unlikely to kill all, or even most of it. In fact, our bodies produce chemicals specifically intended to neutralize the acid in urine to protect the sperm.

What happens to sperm when exposed to urine?

if the sperm comes in contact with the urine it will kill the sperm

How do you kill sperm in the vagina?

The morning after pill.

Does men urine kill sperm cells?

Yes, urine kills sperm cells. Reason? Urine is acidic, and sperm cells are fragile (vulnerable to acids).

Can blood from a womans vagina after sex kill sperm inside the vagina if any sperm were present?

No, blood will not kill any sperm inside a woman's vagina. At most, the flow will flush out the remaining sperm over time, but do not plan on it. However, if you had unprotected sex you could get pregnant.

Can drinking vodka kill sperm inside the vagina?


Does pee kill sperm?

Although the male urine will not kill sperm, the sperm will die once it's left the body anyway.

How to kill sperm?

Once they are inside the vagina there is only one thing she can do and that is to take the morning after pill. If it's on your hand wash it off or it will die when dry. Someone wrote urine kills sperm and that is a myth.

What are present in the urethra that kill sperm?

Urine is acidic and kills off sperm.

Can a lubricant condom kill a little bit of sperm inside a vagina?

No condoms do not kill sperm. If they did I wouldn't be a teen mother

How do you kill sperm outside of body?

You should not need to kill sperm if it is outside of the body, sperm must be near the vaginal opening or inside of the vagina in order to impregnate someone. And in that case their are "spermicides" that are used to "kill sperm".

Does drpepper kill your sperm off?

No it does not. If you mean will it kill sperm of if you immerse sperm in it then the correct answer is yes. If you mean will it kill all the sperm that may have been ejaculated into me by forcing it into my vagina, then the answer is Most probably not enough to stop you from becoming pregnant if you are at the right time during your menstrual cycle.

Why does urine stops when sperm starts to flow?

The passage of urine stops when a man is about to ejaculate because the acids in the urine would kill the sperm cells. Pre-ejaculate coats the urethra from dangerous uric acids.

Can drinking salt with water kill the sperm?

To kill the sperm, you would need to purchase spermicide and put it into the vagina before having intercourse. Drinking salt water will not have any effect whatsoever.

Can water from a shower move sperm on your stomach and carry it to the vagina and impregnate you?

No. The water would kill the sperm before it got anywhere near to impregnating you.

Can you get pregnant if sperm was transported orally to your vagina if you were highly fertile?

No. The fluids in the mouth will kill the sperm, so they will not make you pregnant. It must be direct contact.

How does a female body tries to prevent sperm?

There are acids present in the vagina which kill the sperm when they enter. Not all sperm are killed but a large number are reduced to prevent them from potentially reaching the egg.

Can germ x kill sperm?

Germ-x's main ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol. Alcohol and Antibacterial soaps, kill germs on contact, including sperm. If it is applied to the hands i will kill them yes, but if you have already have sperm in your vagina, then the answer is no. Once she has sperm in or on her vagina, she has a chance of getting pregnant. But if you just get sperm on your hands, and you use Germ-X, then idk decide to finger her, there is a very slim chance (only like 1-2%) that she will get pregnant. Now let me give everybody a rule here. IF YOUR NOT GOING TO RISK IT, DON'T DO IT. That is a rule you should always consider, before getting sperm near the vagina. Comprende?

If you're trying to conceive but you have to urinate after sex will that reduce your chance of getting pregnant and will urine kill the sperm?

Semen enters a woman through the vagina. Urine passes from the bladder through the urethra. Never the twain shall meet. If you have to go to the bathroom after sex, go. Good luck on your efforts.

Does acidity or alkalinity kill different sperm?

Acid kills sperm and the vaginal has a low pH level (acidic) this is why the sperm are suspended in seminal fluid (alkaline) to help nourish and protect the sperm form the acidic environment of the vagina.

How long can sperm live in urin?

not very long. That's why it's in semen because urine has ammonia in it which would kill the poor sperm quite easily.

Can urine kill sperm left n the urethra for a number of hours?

the acidity in urine/ ammonia would probably not kill the sperm though it may move the semen out of the urethra, sperm remains live for up to and around 48 hours after it leaves the body so if there is precum or semen residue left in the urethra it can still get a woman pregnant even if there is no ejaculation

Is it possible to be pregnant and not even be near a penis?

You cannot get pregnant from stray sperm in swimming pools or stray sperm in general. Sperm is very delicate and can be destroyed by water or sometimes even air, even bacteria in the vagina itself can kill sperm. Unless you use artificial insemination, a penis and a vagina together are necessary to make a baby.

Will perfume kill sperm?

Hello. No perfume will not kill sperm. Spermicidal jelly will kill sperm.