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No they will not and they might already be inside your uterus.

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Q: Does urine kill sperm..say if he pees in my vagina after sex will the sperm die?
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If there is sperm around vagina will urine kill that sperm?

No urine will not kill any sperms.

Does urination kill sperm?

Urine does kill sperm, but once the sperm has entered the vagina, it's unlikely to kill all, or even most of it. In fact, our bodies produce chemicals specifically intended to neutralize the acid in urine to protect the sperm.

What happens to sperm when exposed to urine?

if the sperm comes in contact with the urine it will kill the sperm

How do you kill sperm in the vagina?

The morning after pill.

Can drinking vodka kill sperm inside the vagina?


What are present in the urethra that kill sperm?

Urine is acidic and kills off sperm.

Can a lubricant condom kill a little bit of sperm inside a vagina?

No condoms do not kill sperm. If they did I wouldn't be a teen mother

How to kill sperm?

Once they are inside the vagina there is only one thing she can do and that is to take the morning after pill. If it's on your hand wash it off or it will die when dry. Someone wrote urine kills sperm and that is a myth.

How do you kill sperm outside of body?

You should not need to kill sperm if it is outside of the body, sperm must be near the vaginal opening or inside of the vagina in order to impregnate someone. And in that case their are "spermicides" that are used to "kill sperm".

Does the female sperm kill the males sperm?

There is nothing called female sperms. Females have eggs and the male sperm merge with the egg and you get pregnant. Naturally there is nothing inside a vagina that would kill sperm.

How do you kill sperm that may be alive in the folds of your vagina?

Take a sponge full with vinegar and clean your vagina with it for 3 minutes.

Can vagina's secretion fluid kills sperms from pre-ejaculate?

No nothing a woman have can kill sperm.

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