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Yes, any substance that is harmful to your body will affect your chakras.


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You can meditate using a proper meditation technique which focuses on Chakras. I happen to follow Kriya Yoga. I went to an initiation where the Guru cleans your chakras and then teaches to a series of steps. then you meditate every day on your chakras. Its amazing stuff.

Yes they do. One or both people are using drugs and drugs change behaviors and interfere with personal relationships.

Yes everyone has chakras.

Though most people only ever speak of 7 chakras, there are in fact many more than your main 7. There are more than 13 chakras and I will list some of them for you: two temple chakras [either side of 3rd eye chakra], 2 hip chakras [either side of base chakra], 2 shoulder chakras, elbow chakras [1 on each elbow], wrist chakras [1 on each wrist], palm chakras [1 in each palm], knee chakras [1 on each knee] and feet chakras [1 in each foot]. Some also say there is one on the base of your skull. The rest of these chakras are smaller than the main 7.

To those who believe in Chakras, they are very real. To those who do not believe in Chakras, naturally, they are not. There is no objective when dealing with matters of spirituality, so it cannot be said whether or not Chakras are real.

It all depends on the drug, but yes. Many drugs, even prescription ones, can and will affect your body's functions and disturb it's natural balance.

Meditation, and various types a yoga can help open the chakras.

Chakras are energy meridians in the body. When they are clogged or closed, it will contribute to emotional and physical disorders. By cleansing and opening the chakras, we heal the body.

No, the 6 senses and the 7 chakras are not related.

Drugs can affect your body in number of ways. Drugs most likely affects you brain and brain cells. Drugs can also affect your kidneys, heart, and even your appearance. In the end it is not worth even trying drugs. It depends on what kind of drug but most drugs affect what I just stated above.

ALL DRUGS will affect your performance in some sort of way.

Here's a link to a website -- there are a lotof different drugs that can affect your heart!

They try to mooch your drugs.

If your friends start using drugs, they very likely will pressure you to use drugs. On the other hand, if your friends do not use drugs and you are either thinking about using them or are using them, they can pressure you not to have anything to do with drugs.

about 1400 teens die from using drugs mostly using illegal drugs. do not do drugs they are bad for you.

You don't work your chakras. They are whirling energy centers in your body that are responsible in large part for your mental and physical well being. Your chakras can become clogged or closed and may need to be opened. This can be done by yourself using various stones but I recommend seeing a professional that will be sure to do it correctly and can check to see which chakras need to be opened. Reiki practitioners can do this as well as others. You can check at your local New Age book store for recommendations.

ATOD can affect teens success in school by having the kids go to school with bad habits and the are skipping class and are not doing there work.

Psychoactive drugs affect the brain, which is a part of the nervous system.

Drugs can affect anyone in any state of mind, while consciousness or not.

the effects of using regulated drugs is do not use:)

only the re-creational drugs affect your life. meaning the bad ones. good drugs such as medicines, help you when your sick.

Drugs slower the nervous system.

the drugs make them off the heezy

Yes they do. It depends if you are taking prescribed drugs and using them properly then they should improve whatever condition you're in but drugs affect you long term and short term depending on how long you use them and sight loss and bad sight is one of the many bad symptoms of drug use.

yes. if the mother is using drugs, part of the drugs will go to the baby, because the baby tries to get all of the food he or she needs. the baby will get addicted to the drug and have a withdrawl when he or she cant get the drug anymore.So never do drugs when you have a baby in your tummy it WILL affect the baby :)

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