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Does vanilla repell gnats?

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Yes, it does! After a rainy Spring the gnats have been terrible where we live. Our neighbor told us about vanilla extract repelling gnats. I was skeptical at first but thought I'd try it, and was amazed to find it really worked very well! A few dabs of extract on the neck, ears and forehead, and the annoying bugs disappeared, plus you have the added benefit of smelling like a delicious batch of fresh baked cookies - lol. Certainly better than traditional stinky bug sprays!

2008-05-26 04:20:43
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How do you make vanilla spray for gnats?

Some articles say that if you mix 1/4 cup water with 1/4 cup regular Listerine and 1/4 cup imitation vanilla in a spray bottle and spray it on your body, it will keep the gnats away. If you are underage, check with your parents before doing this.

Why do magnets repell and attract?

They repell and contract because of the forces that are applied

What is a collective noun for gnats?

The collective noun for gnats are:a cloud of gnatsa horde of gnatsa swarm of gnats

Do moth balls repell cats?

Mothballs do repell cats, but they are not good for your cat.

Does a magnet repell?

yes a magnet repell. Because if you put a piece of sheet it would not do anything but if you have another magnet and you put it on the south and the magnet is south then it will repell

Does lemongrass oil get rid of gnats?

I don't know but vanilla gets rid of them. Just dab some behind your ears, on wrist and ankles and they will avoid you

Where do gnats eggs come from?

from gnats

What are synonyms of repell?


What causes gnats?

Mother and father Gnats.

When was GNATS created?

GNATS was created in 1992.

What causes flying gnats to get into your house?

what cause flying gnats to get into your house

What is an example of an antonym for attract?


Are gnats human parasites?

Gnats are not parasites to humans.

Are gnats mammals?

no gnats don't even have vertebrate

Do gnats have a queen like bees?

do gnats have a king

What is the best natural insect repellant for Gnats that you can use on your Face?

Vanilla extract is a very effective gnat repellant. Buy a cheap brand it works as well as an expensive brand.

Can gnats jump?

Gnats do not jump, they fly. However, if you have insects that look like gnats and jump, you may have fleas.

What eats gnats?

The best predator for gnats is Hypoaspis Miles. The relish the gnats and can be bought at many stores.

Does rabbits cause gnats?

No. Gnats are a completely different species

How long is a gnats life span?

Gnats live an average of two to four months. Gnats live an average of two to four months. Gnats live an average of two to four months.

Do mothballs repell skunks?

I have heard that is a myth......

How do you use gnats in a sentence?

Gnats are a kind of insect, so you use it like this:A large group of gnats flew around the tree.

What is a group of gnats called?

A group of gnats is called a cloud or horde.

Does dampness cause gnats?

no water does not cause gnats it just attracts them

Do gnats like cold air?

No, gnats do not cold air at all. Gnats do not survive the cold weather. They like hot and humid weather.