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I'm not sure that it kills viruses but if it does it's because it is a mild acid.

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Does vinegar kill virus

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Can drinking vinegar kill you?

No vinegar can not kill you.

Do antibiotics kill viruses?

No, antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses.

Does vinegar kill algae?

White vinegar will kill algae and moss

How many cups of vinegar does it take to kill you?

Drinking vinegar will not kill you.

Why don't bacteria kill viruses?

Viruses kill bacteria. There are no known types of bacteria that can kill any type of virus. Most antibiotics can not kill viruses, they must run their course.

What do antibiotics kill?

They kill bacteria. They do not kill viruses.

Why do antibodies work to kill bacteria but not viruses?

Antibodies within the body fight both bacteria and viruses. Antibiotics kill bacteria and not viruses. Antibiotics do not fight viruses because viruses are not alive.

Does vinegar kill bacteria?

Yes, vinegar DOES kill many bacteria and viruses, including many very dangerous ones that can be in food such as E. Coli O157:H7. It is probably good to use in the kitchen and other places that you may be worried about harsher chemicals like bleach getting into food.

How many tablespoons of coconut oil is needed to kill viruses?

Coconut oil does not kill viruses.

Why are antibiotics effective against bacteria but not viruses?

because antibiotics Kill BACTERIA only and cant kill viruses. Viruses are different pathogens.

Will vinegar kill aphids?

Yes, vinegar kills aphids even though it will also kill your plant.

Does vinegar kill germs?

yes vinegar kills germs

Does vinegar helps plants grow?

No, vinegar will kill plants.

Will vinegar kill plants?

Vinegar will eventually kill a plant as it is slightly acidic. I would however depend on the size of the plant and the amount of vinegar used.

Does vinegar kill dust mites?

Vinegar does kill dust mites. Mixing a bowl of water with vinegar will help get rid of problem dust mites.

Can White Vinegar Kill Warts?

white wine vinegar can kill warts yes but it may take longer than apple cider vinegar

Will vinegar kill a wasps nest?

Vinegar will kill a wasp nest by burning the wasp and their eggs. To kill the wasp and the nest instantly mix vinegar, soap, and water to be sprayed onto the nest.

Can vinegar kill yellow jackets?

Vinegar alone will not kill yellow jackets but if you mix it with other ingredients it will kill them. You will need to mix vinegar with water and liquid dish soap.

Does the sunlight kill viruses?

Direct sunlight kills viruses.

How are viruses cured?

Antibiotics do not kill viruses.That is why we do not get medicine for the flu.

Can vinegar kill the embryo?


How do you kill termites?


Does vinegar kill bacteria on raw beef?

Vinegar can kill bacteria on solid surfaces. However, you would have to saturate the beef in vinegar to make sure it was killed.

Does vinegar kill mosquitoes?

No, vinegar will not actually kill mosquitoes. However, it will keep mosquitoes away. This is because mosquitoes are not attracted to the vinegar smell, therefore, they are deterred.

Why can't anti-bacterial stuff kill viruses?

Anitbiotics cannot kill viruses, because viruses are not alive to begin with. Viruses cannot reproduce on their own, so they are not classified as living organisms, and you can't kill something that isn't alive.